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Opening Trust Directory Project (TDP)


New Member
Hi there,
We have finally managed to open the Trust Directory Project (TDP).

The following rules will duplicate the submission policies of TDP:

Trust Directory Project (or TDP) was created to identify and classify sites with the highest trust level of users and search engines.
TrustRank renders its English and Russian services. You can gain a better insight about TrustRank by visiting these websites.
The sites will clearly explain the way it is defined and the need for such trustrank.

Despite the availability of bountiful numbers of reputed and famous directories in the internet, it is hard to identify the right kind of resources that are reliable and trustworthy. It actually makes the job of selecting up the best of resources so tough and daunting.
Our directory inclusion is not dependent on the capriciousness of the editors and the rules of inclusion are rather streamlined. The rules are transparent and clear.

1) Directory inclusion is completely free. Any payments charged for inclusion into TDP is completely illegal. You can report to the English and Russian support forums about the personnel demanding charges for inclusion.

2) There are no back links or other services required for registering in the directory.

3) A TDP editor will review your submission and editor’s decisions will be final. The review process might take up to one month depending on the factors such as the volume of submissions to particular categories. Submission of directory URL is allowed only once. Multiple submissions of the same URL might result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated sites. The same rule is applicable to URLs that are submitted in disguised forms.

Trust Directory Project rules:

1) TDP accepts resources with TrustRank three (3) or more.

2) TrustRank checking occurs when you add a resource to the directory (registration form, coming soon). It is recommended to test the TrustRank for the submitting sites before registering on our English or Russian services.

3)You can submit several pages, from one resource, but the pages should have different subjects. These pages must be submitted to respective (different) categories.

4) It is highly recommended not to use the advertising style to fill up the header and description fields. It is better to stay away from the usage of exclamatory marks. Titles and descriptions should be narrative explaining the subject of the added resource and should not have appeal for visiting your site.

5) Before adding a site to the directory, please make sure that it is not already present in the directory. For this, use the search (eg. search "seomastering.com").

6) Identify the single best category for your site. The Trust Directory has an enormous array of subjects to choose from. You should submit a site to the single most relevant category. Sites submitted to inappropriate or unrelated categories may be rejected or removed.

Regardless of the TrustRank of the site, the directory does not accept the following resources:

1) Adult sites (if this is the main subject of website).

2) Resources illegally distributing products that are protected by copyright laws (warez, cracks, scanned books having rightholder, etc.).

3) Pharmaceutical websites.

4) Pop-up sites (without user desire), regardless of whether there is a popup when visiting or leaving the resource.

5) Affiliate marketing resources (if this is the main subject of the website).

6) Resources promising easy money (forex, casino, gaming, pyramid schemes and other get rich quick schemes).

7) Dubious (possibly fraudulent) sites (determined by the editors of the directory).

8 ) Resources violating the laws of the United States, Russian Federation, and other countries.

9) Websites that distribute and (or) infected with viruses (determined by Directory Editors).

10) Some third level domains for which trustrank cannot be determined (see notes at the service checking the trustrank). The reason for refusal will be "Cannot determine trustrank."

I am looking forward for your remarks on the directory and the way it is administered.

PS. You can read the directory rules, report errors and become an editor of TDP.
For users requests, the number of categories and subcategories was increased approximately twice.
It is now easier to select a suitable directory for your site.
Hi sevamaster,

I liked the concept, until I tried testing my site for 'trust' and scored 0 (zero!)
So in basic terms, this directory lists only websites which have Level 3 Trust or higher, and 'trust' is your version of PR? What happens if a site has got 'trust' and gains a place in the directory, only to then turn evil (evil-warez etc) and use the cover of 'trust' to fool users?
Hi friends,
There are new design and some functionality on the trust directory.

You should be registered now, to submit listings. Then you will be able to add and edit your listing. There are also other facilities for registered users.