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On-page Techniques?

Discussion in 'Site Promotion / Search Engine Optimisation' started by jesicawillss, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. jesicawillss

    jesicawillss New Member

    I would like to know about the on-page techniques other than basic on-page techniques. Please tell me how can get high PR by doing only on-page?
  2. jennyjackson

    jennyjackson New Member

    simple answer is, its near to impossible to get a high PR with just doing onpage SEO. But eventually what happens is , when you do a good onpage SEO and having good content, others tempt to link to your website and PR juice passes and thus you get a high PR.

    So for high PR you need backlinks from high PR websites
  3. SonalAher

    SonalAher Member

    On-page optimization is nothing but making your webpages search engine friendly and for making good impressions over search engines. For that you can add Sitemap and robot.txt to to your website and keep your webpages interlinked with each other.
  4. John_M

    John_M New Member

    Like the others said, just start by making sure your pages are up to the normal SEO code of things. Then all it is about is making quality content that is worth linking back to. You have to think, would I link back to that?
  5. happyman

    happyman New Member

  6. lucky00

    lucky00 New Member

    The most preferable things in on site are meta tags , site map , XML ,and good footer linked internal pages
  7. storminternet

    storminternet Member

  8. durrenmatt

    durrenmatt New Member

    Yes, this is so true. meta titles, meta descriptions or meta keywords, the entire on page optimization fleet is not enough for high PR. content writing is an issue that deserves a great deal of attention and focus, and link building techniques are also highly significant. the more one way links you get from high PR and do follow websites, the better for your site
  9. intuitive

    intuitive New Member

    provide unique content in your site, and pay more attention to its keyword density
  10. steven peter

    steven peter New Member

    It is essential that you are working on both on-site and off-site seo factors to achieve your PR and Ranking goals.For doing only on site you cannot attain the target. On-site factors which play a vital role for making PR is the content and the strong internal linking of your site.
  11. szenith1

    szenith1 New Member

    Just write a unique content and share your content on social media sites , If your content is good people will give you back links and the PR should be increased.
  12. aars14

    aars14 New Member

    having an good eye catching title, along with simple tips such as using bold1 bold2 tags, head title tags, a bit of keyword density and a unique content will work but again think, you are creating content for the people not for search engines, target people, not robots!
  13. rogers124

    rogers124 New Member

    On-page marketing is nothing but creating your websites look for engine marketing friendly and to make good opinions over google. For that you can add Sitemap and software.txt to to your website and keep your websites interconnected with each other.
  14. WebNet Host

    WebNet Host New Member

    You will not get high PR by doing only on-page. On-page SEO techniques:
    - keyword analyses: select the keywords with high monthly search results and medium or low competition rate.
    - content writing: unique content ( min. 300 words/article), use the main keyword and another 4-5 keywords for every page, create h1 and h2,
    - basic SEO for every page

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