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Offers longer than 25 rows gets deleted

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by Peo, Apr 16, 2004.

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  1. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    If you post offers to requests here, please keep it short. Starting today, we will delete any offer more than 25 rows (this includes blank lines) long. If you post an offer, only reply with what is being requested, not all the details of your hosting package.
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  2. Riverworld

    Riverworld New Member

    Excellent rule Peo :)

    It is much easier for the person trying to find hosting, to compare offers when a couple are in the screen instead of a post covering two pages :)
  3. jasonl813

    jasonl813 New Member

    Better make this a sticky.
  4. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    People don't tend to read stickys... ;)
  5. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    True - but good un, :applaudin , I think I could recite some of the posts by heart :p

    Possibly do a copy of the post in the rules though just to make sure - then there is no excuse.
  6. Martie

    Martie New Member

    LOL, they sure don't!
    Good luck enforcing this :applaudin
  7. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    Might need a few more mods on a voluntary basis to keep up but the weekend will always be the worst.

    Dunno if the word filter could be used though - if it picked up a standard copy and paste post (or part of it) it just chucked it to enforce a change in some posters approach :)
  8. HostCentris

    HostCentris New Member

    Good idea! But how do you know when it is 25 rows long? When you post something, the table is shorter than it is when viewing a message.
  9. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Well, stay under 25 rows when you write and you should be safe. :) I doubt people would read 25 rows of text anyway. In my view even 10 rows are plenty to reply to a request. If they are interested in what you offer, they click on your link and go to your website to get all the details.
  10. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    When you start asking questions it can look dodgy :p
  11. Curtis H.

    Curtis H. New Member

    Excellent rule Peo. :applaudin
  12. striker

    striker Strike 3 NLC

    all that feature crap nobody reads anyways unless they are asking for it. Why advertise that you have ImageMagick, cPanel 9.x.whatever and Squirellmail when no1 asked for it and 90% of hosts offer whatever you do as well? Just admit it, hosts put all that crap to make not-so-advanced buyers feel like they are getting a lot for their buck.

    Great Rule.

    Another suggestion: If someone asks for 500mb and say 30gb of transfer/month for 10$/month, don't let hosts give them 400mb and 25gb for 13$/month offers. It really pees me off seeing that.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2004
  13. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    striker, I agree. Web hosts posting offers that don't meet the request break our rules and if we see such posts we remove it. Please use the "Report this post to a moderator" link to report it to us.
  14. Riverworld

    Riverworld New Member

    I agree with Striker, hosts offering less resources for more than the requested price is disagreeable.

    However, I don't disagree with a host or other member pointing out that such a request may not actually cover the costs of running the business as such, and it may be risky for such a deal to be carried through.

    Yet, that is merely how I feel about the issue - and if the moderators disagree with me, that's fine :)
  15. phuckedup

    phuckedup ! ¿ who ? ¡ NLC

    25 lines are still alot for a reply.

    "I want 8534gb space and 65745785624gb bandwidth with php, 534mysql databases, ftp and pop3 email. who can help?"

    Line1: <hosting company name goes here> would like to offer you this:
    Line2: <plan name goes here>
    Line3: blank
    Line4: 8534gb space
    Line5: 65745785624gb
    Line6: ftp, php
    Line7: 534mysql databases
    Line8: 5423 pop3 email addresses
    Line9: for $4348183 with fries and a coke
    Line10: Blank
    Line11: If you are interested, contact us at <contact details>

    That's more then enough. We dont need to know what fantastico has to offer, we dont need to know every feature in cpanel. I know that i dont read long long long posts (including mine now :S), i read the first few lines then skip the rest.

    Another issue is hosts digging up old posts. If someone posted a month ago, i'd say they've found a host otherwise they would have said something. But then again i dont think any mods want to check each message to lock threads a week or two old.
  16. trenzterra

    trenzterra Well-Known Member NLC

    Is it 25 rows in 1024x768 resolution or?

    [add] do empty rows count too?

    [add2]Now that the left side is larger than the postbit side, can the limit be enlarged to 27-30 rows or something?
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2004
  17. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    25 is the limit still. Yes, 1024x768. Empty rows count. I expect most web hosts to post well within that 25 rows limit. As I've explained a couple of times, posting offers is only intended as a way to reply to requests. If the person requesting info wants more details they can visit the webhosts site.
  18. trenzterra

    trenzterra Well-Known Member NLC

    Hmm that's ok then, I checked my latest post and it was 18 lines. :)
  19. phuckedup

    phuckedup ! ¿ who ? ¡ NLC

    i just noticed the reputation level, so maybe we can block people with a low reputation from posting in this forum. that way if hosts dont obey the rules, they can get their reputation lowered and eventually wont be able to post anymore. it can also help the user looking for the host to see what the hosts reputation around the forums are. the only down side to this is if someone was searching for a host and they had a low rep, they wouldnt be able to post a request
  20. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    The Warn & Reputation can be good but Warn should only be used by Mod/Admin & Reputation can be abused so needs to be monitored carefully. Someone can end up with really good or bad rep if it's left open to public use :smash:
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