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Non-Profit Web Host

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by EagleAndPirate, Feb 11, 2012.


Is My request REASONABLE

Poll closed Feb 18, 2012.
  1. Yes, 1gb disk, 10gb xfer is reasonable for $100 / yr.

  2. No, you are out of your mind.

  3. I like purple monkeys.

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  1. EagleAndPirate

    EagleAndPirate New Member

    Please suggest such a service/offer yours. Let's start with:
    - 5+ years in business (3 years minimum if you have raving (good) reviews)
    - 1 Gb+ of storage
    - 10 Gb+ traffic
    - Unlimited Add-on Domains
    - Unlimited Parked domains
    - Backups
    - Cron Jobs
    - Ability to freely modify MX and CName
    - Links to reviews of your service on a third party website which you do not pay to advertise on (links to reviews by other users on FWS work too, even if you are a forum sponsor) <- This is the most important step.
    - cPanel would be nice... but it is not required
    - I don't allow my webhost to manage my domain name so I don't care if you provide one or not.
    - I am looking to pay annually... $100 / year MAX. This is for a non-profit... so every penny counts.

    side note: when does the god forsaken reCAPTCHA go away... I have orthographic dyslexia and it is damn near impossible to read. I cannot distinguish the sound either. If you post an offer and I don't reply.. .sorry the CAPTCHA caused it... i'll edit my post instead.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2012
  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    What kind of non-profit is it, out of curiosity? Depending on what it is, a lot of people will give you a pretty large discount, or even provide you with hosting for free, if it's a good cause.
  3. energizedit

    energizedit Member


    Here is what I can offer you:

    We only have one review, this is something I've never pursued with my customers but is something I want to do eventually
    Been in business 3 years this year.
    YES- 1 Gb+ of storage
    YES - 10 Gb+ traffic
    Not unlimited but lets discuess your plans first then we can change the plan- Unlimited Add-on Domains
    Not unlimited but lets discuess your plans first then we can change the plan- Unlimited Parked domains
    YES- Backups
    YES- Cron Jobs
    YES- Ability to freely modify MX and CName

    If interested here is a link to sign up SIGN UP

    PM me for questions or interest.
  4. HostPair

    HostPair Member

    We are in Business since 2009. You can check our review http://www.webhostingstuff.com/review/SoCheapHost.html

    We would like to offer you our Standard Plan

    - 5 GB Disk Space (SAS drive with raid-10)
    - 50 GB Bandwidth
    - Unlimited Add-on Domains
    - Unlimited Parked domains
    - R1soft daily Backup (You can restore yourself from our Backup)
    - Cron Jobs
    - Ability to freely modify MX and CName
    - cPanel with Softaculous auto installer

    More details | Signup Now
  5. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    As I mentioned above, we can certainly work on the price more after we find out what kind of non-profit organization this is, however in the meantime, we can give you the 20% FWS member discount.

    As well, we don't offer unlimited add-on or parked domains. In fact, you generally don't want to go with a company that offers that. Somebody could potentially host thousands of add-on domains, and completely grind the [DNS] servers to a halt, serving the requests for thousands of domains. If you come up with a realistic number, we can certainly work with you to get those set up for you.

    10 GB RAID-10 Disk Space
    25 GB Bandwidth
    Daily on-site, nightly off-site backups
    cPanel w/ Softaculous and RVSitebuilder
    Cron Jobs are fine
    MX and CNAME records modifiable via cPanel

    $4.79/mo. using discount code: fws20feb2012

    We are a legally-registered corporation, conducting business for 16 years. We don't have a whole lot of reviews on the web (good or bad), quite honestly because we have always dealt mainly with real brick and mortar businesses in our local hometown, who have no clue what Webhostingtalk, Freewebspace, etc. even are. They need their websites running quickly, 24/7, and that's exactly what we provide. We let our uptime and performance speak for itself.
  6. Technut

    Technut New Member

    Our Great Value Family of Hosting Providers are proud to support and assist non-profits!

    Hello EagleAndPirate,

    Our hosting family is called "Great Value" our family of web hosting companies are proud to support and assist non-profit and local fund raising events in the community. Upon approval we will provide free web hosting to specific qualifying non-profits. If you are one, let me suggest you contact us via a private message or go to any website in our group and ask for the support manager so you can be sent a "Donation Request Form" to apply for free web hosting for your group or organization!

  7. EagleAndPirate

    EagleAndPirate New Member

    This nonprofit is the fund raising arm of the Spokane Symphony in Spokane, WA. We are a registered 501C3 with the IRS.
  8. EagleAndPirate

    EagleAndPirate New Member

    I would love to edit my post... but since the moderators are sleeping.. .I cannot as it hasn't been approved. I am very interested in finding more information out from WSWD. I will get as much needed info off your website and PM you if I have other questions.
    I am looking for approximately 5 add-on domains... I just don't 'like' to be capped in case I decide I want to add another domain... so not likely to ever be above 10 domains.

    Technut, sorry, I don't find your company to be reliable enough for me.
    Lets Fix this so you can potentially get the next one you put an offer out on FWS...
    Sorry :-\.
  9. JJW


    We have been in business for 1 1/2 years. I will give you hosting for free. Custom plan with all your asking for. We like helping out non-profits.

    We only have 1 review right now.

    you said you needed
    1gb space
    10+ gb bandwidth
    - Unlimited Add-on Domains
    - Unlimited Parked domains
    - Backups
    - Cron Jobs
    - Ability to freely modify MX and CName

    So save the $100.00 and send me a pm to get you
  10. tumble

    tumble Owner/Operator NLC

    In Business since 2006.
    I can create a custom package to fit your needs. Place a ticket (refer to this thread) and we can get the ball rolling.

    Good luck with your search
  11. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    I come up a touch short on the longevity requirement- 2012 is my third year in the business, I started out in August of 2009. But I have been a participant in the FWS host durability study conducted by the member TaoPhoenix, so if you have any doubts about my stability, my history is documented in the pages of this thread.

    Everything else I can easily meet.

    SeraphimLabs Starter Custom
    24 Subdomain/Domain Parking
    24 MySQL Databases
    10 e-mail addresses
    15GB/month bandwidth
    1500MB storage
    Virtualmin or CPanel, your choice.
    PHP, CGI, Perl

    Starting at: $2/month ($24 yearly)

    My billing system is designed to operate in a pre-pay manner, you can pay any amount at whatever interval suits your fancy and it automatically counts down, sending you an email when your account needs to be refilled. Yearly payment interval is no problem.

    You might note that the plan listed on my site has lower limits for the domain settings and databases. Your site would have that customized entirely on me, and if you need it increased further in the future all you need to do is ask.

    Although I prefer Virtualmin myself and have had very good results with it, I do offer CPanel as well.

    All of my services are based on real resource offerings, something that many hosts cheat on. When I assign your account space and bandwidth, those resources are dedicated to your account and will never be shared with anyone else's account for any reason.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2012
  12. EagleAndPirate

    EagleAndPirate New Member

    Please lock this thread. I have received the requested information. The majority of persons responding failed to read the requirements from my first post. JWS and WSWS are the only two who seem to be able to read :-\. FWS isn't what it used to be.
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