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News Posting scripts??


New Member
Any one knows of any VERY good news posting scripts?? I have search up and down. And got the following

Newspro http://amphibian.gagames.com/newspro/
Newphp http://www.nphp.net/
Phpnuke http://www.phpnuke.org/
News Publisher http://www.gwscripts.com/scripts/npub.shtml

Phpnuke seems to be buggy and i don't understand php so i can't customise it.
Newsphp has not come out yet and i can't download it.

News Pro and News Publisher. I have not use it. But i found a big site tweak3d seems to be using News Publisher.
I can't find any page stat which site uses news pro.
Has any body try news pro. how is it compare to others??
Please REply ASAP


Staff member
This site uses Newspro... :)

It's very good and I would recommend it. The archive function on the old version of Newspro I have is not good, but I take it a newer version will have that solved.

I haven't tried the other ones you mentioned, although phpnuke looks pretty cool...


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Originally posted by iwod
I can't find any page stat which site uses news pro.
xtSeven uses it, all my old wrestling sites used it, and two of my upcomming sites will be using it. I reccomend it to anyone :D.


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I use a home grown heavily hacked version of News Publisher...

If your the kind of person who likes to modify your scripts, this one is pretty easy to figure out...

If you have secured a PHP host, I would recommend trying to find one in that language as it will not clog huge amounts of system resources if you have a lot of users looking at your news...


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I recommend News Publisher, especially with the upcoming v2.0.0 which will feature static html pages (yes, I know this is already a mod for News Pro).

The reason I don't like News Pro is that I installed it on my wrestling site ;) and when I tried to delete an author, he could still log in (thanks to cookies), I tried everything and even emailed the author on a few occasions, he tried, and I tried, and the problem was never solved (in time) so i switched to News Publisher and never looked back. That problem has since been fixed in NewsPro I assume, but I don't feel like switching back. The author of News Publisher (Grant) has been helping me a lot with some of my scripts, and like cds said, News Publisher is great to customize/hack.

Also, I don't know if this is still going to happen but on the support forums of News Publisher a while back, someone was planning to port it to PHP, not sure on the status of that though :(

All in all, I love me some News Publisher :) ... NewsPro is good too, but I just personally had bad experiences with it.

phew! :cool:


Newspro is the best. I use it, and it is very good. Also, it has like a 9.8 out of 10 rating on CGI ResourceIndex. It's good.

Daniel Hollands

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I would have to agree that NewsPro is great, I use it on my site and I love it.

However I would be intrested in having a look at NewsPHP, any ideas where I can get it, the site does not have it to download yet.
I've fidelled with phpNuke, very kewl! But more of a portal system than a simple news program. When they finish the add-on with phpBB it should be the best 'website in a package' script. :)

Open Source Baby! Yeah! ;)