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News Management -- Without Perl or PHP


New Member
I use Coranto Beta for my news updates (http://internetlibrary.vr9.com) because I need a system to archive and update my front page without doing it manually. Unfortunately, this limits the number of hosts I may use that are free (please no "get a paid host" comments here). I use vr9, but it isn't great. It's the best I can do.

Ok, the point of this thread is:
Is there any way I could manage my website like I do with Coranto Beta without Perl, iwth little effort?

Explain your methods here.



New Member

I doubt it really, another way that I can think of right now is if the host has a web editor. Really though something like Coranto is your best bet. Or you could have a news page as a forum, but if a host takes forum then they'll take coranto.



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You may edit your file manualy. then upload it again (and again). if you dont use CGI. (vr9 doesn't support PHP). But go ahead, look for a script.


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To those that might be slightly interested, I'm making a C++ script that if you have an FTP account, you can manage your website with this program.
It'll be done in a month or two. Mind if I announce it here?


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dunno if this is a solution, but you could use SSI and only edit the include to do updates?


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I have a vr9 account, and I think I remember them having SSI or maybe they changed?
here's a FWS search of hosts that support SSI if your interested.