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Netcabins.com slowed down?


New Member
no not for me, check with your isp to see if thers a link problem downline, becuase allot of the problems with speed are caused by the link to the server and not the actual server.


Well-Known Member
Same here.

Took ten minutes for me to login to NewsPro when it's usually instant.

Da hell?

What gives Tom?


New Member
it takes me about a min to connect to nicks sites, whitch are on Netcabins

they will be fine in a few weeks/months when they get everything settled

they are just getting up?? so give them some time


Atleast from my side i feel netcabins has slowed down because the packets are being dropped at and this IP belongs to Buisness Group INC,i.e. if i (and visual route) am not wrong. I guess NC_TOM should contact these guys and explain the situtation. I already have sent them and email. I guess the affected persons should also send in their email.