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Hmmmmmmmmm i finnaly got my netbank activated, and i was wonderin if anyone can help me either to get money from my netbank acount to paypal, or just find a domain registrar that alows me to pay with netbank.

its commenwealth netbank.
Is there any reason why you can't just use a registrar that takes paypal? Namecheap.com, domainsite.com, godaddy.com
Is there any reason why you can't just use a registrar that takes paypal?

yes like i said above, i can use paypal i just need a way to transfer from netbank into paypal. or an easier way, once again like i said a registrar that accepts netbank payments.
Ooh, I get what you're saying now. Hmm, wish I could help you. Do you have a debit card? A friend of mine used paypal with her debit visa and it worked fine. I wonder if you can add netbank as your primary bank account on paypal?
You need a BSB and account number of the account you wish to use. Unfortunately PayPal only seem to currently support withdrawal from PayPal to an Aussie account and not the other way.

BSB = Bank, State, Branch

If you don't paying a bit more for your domain, search domains on google.com.au (Aus sites only) and there is a few AU registrars who will let you buy a .com with direct deposit/netbank.

I would offer for you to transfer me money and me register the domain for you, but you wouldnt trust me probably, I wouldn't trust a complete stranger either.
well i was thinking of doing something like this, i send 50$ to someones net bank acount, and they send 50$ to my paypal acount ?

just to save me the troubles for when i have to register a little more domains, i know there will need to be alot of trust if something like this were to happen.
You are probably best to go down to your local St George/Bank SA branch and get a Visa debit card (free with every over 18 account). Then you can add money and buy things online anytime you wish.
I use netbank, never found a way to transfer to paypal.
I use moneybookers.com now cause paypal ripped me off a few
times and took back hundreds of dollars that had been paid for webhosting.
anyway with moneybookers u can transfer from netbank to there but not many hosting sites take moneybookers, also if you want a good aussie host thats cheap and reliable and accepts netbank payment have a look at http://www.mdwebhosting.com.au/