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Need cluster server reseller hosting

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by WaQas, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. WaQas

    WaQas New Member

    Hello everyone,

    i need cluster server reseller hosting...

    please show me your plans so i want to chose one...

    Thanks in advance...
  2. GlennBeforeTime

    GlennBeforeTime Why is Dan Back!! NLC

    Any idea on budgets? Where would you like to be hosted? How much space and transfer are you after?
  3. engineerroy2008

    engineerroy2008 New Member

    What will be the budget, this days not many hosts are offering cluster server reseller hosting but there are companies who offer good service even in stand alone servers
  4. WaQas

    WaQas New Member

    my budget is arround $20 to $40/month
  5. MyHoZt

    MyHoZt Active Member

    Is cluster is a must ?
    If not i can drop you good offer
  6. WaQas

    WaQas New Member

    is there no any one offering?????
  7. WaQas

    WaQas New Member

    i need FailOver / Cluster hosting....
    please anybody quote their prices...
  8. heymrdj

    heymrdj The Debian Lover NLC

    To truly failover you need to be on separate networks, aka, one server in NY, and another in California. Or even globally separated. Essentially you need two matching accounts, constantly syncing with one another, and set up so that the other jumps in as soon as the other fails. A better setup would be a globally balanced setup with failover via some simple to install tools. But this would require at least a cluster of VPS servers, or dedicated servers if you need the power. You could still have you Cpanel/WHM setup, and do it that way. But few hosts offer this premade on basic shared/reseller accounts as with that you're basically letting 50% of your infrastucture do nothing. And if you need clustering, the shared environment isn't for you and you should look into VPS/dedicated servers.

    If you cannot do these things for your business, you need to consider hiring an IT consultant (such as what I do and in a way just did :eek3: ), or find someone that can manage a cluster for you.

    Good luck!
  9. Technics

    Technics NLC NLC

    Get Clustered hosting from www.tsohost.co.uk :)

    They have a standard version for £9.99 per month (about $17) or you can make it a reseller setup for double the cost :)
  10. GlennBeforeTime

    GlennBeforeTime Why is Dan Back!! NLC

    The hard part with your request is that sustaining a failover service is not an easy task as the accounts need to be synchronized constantly, it is a tedious task for Shared website hosting, it would be an enormous task for Reseller hosting where each account under the Reseller would need to be Synchronized. As listed before, to truly have a failover service, the failto machine must be on a different network, generally in a different place in the world. The problem with having a failover reseller hosting account, is you pretty much need 2 whole servers to fall over to.

    Not to mention the dedicated servers running the Failover detection software, and the DNS Servers to update your entries.

    I would estimate a very high price for a truly redundant failover service on a reseller, failover shared hosting is costly, but I would estimate it to be somewhere in the ten fold.

    It would more likely be beneficial for most people to stick with a standard reseller, did you require a failover service? What types of websites would you be running?
  11. FortressDewey

    FortressDewey New Member

    You will pay more than $40-50 for what you are asking I would suggest increase your budget or put some sort of monitoring software on a VPS so you can change hte DNS if something does happen or put in a backup.

    40-50/month? Not going to happen. 10x that amount you can get a good start.
  12. serverorigin

    serverorigin ServerOrigin.Com NLC

  13. LSComputers

    LSComputers Well-Known Member NLC

  14. l32007

    l32007 New Member

    My plan...
    Ok... Fine...
    1st plan...
    Personal Hosting Plan

    * 60 GB Disk Space
    * 1 TB Data Transfer
    * 5 Domains Hosting
    * MySQL(v.4/5)/PostgreSQL
    * PHP4/5/6, ASP.NET, Perl/CGI-BIN, Ruby, Python
    * SITE Builder
    * Zacky Tools Installer
    * 1 FREE TLD

    a year

    2nd Plan
    Business Hosting Plan

    * 120 GB Disk Space
    * 2 TB Data Transfer
    * YES! Domains Hosting
    * MySQL(v.4/5)/PostgreSQL
    * PHP4/5/6, ASP.NET, Perl/CGI-BIN, Ruby, Python
    * SITE Builder
    * Zacky Tools Installer
    * 1 Free TLD

    $107.88 a year

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