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Need a stable/proud host ... that is cheap.


New Member
Hi everyone,

My current host is really ticking me off I won't mention names just cause i don't want to cause any trouble. But I am looking for a host that has everythig i have right now but cheap. This is ruffly what I need.

500 to 600+ megs
20 to 30 gigs of bandwidth
Perl/CGI, PHP, Mysql
Sub-domain(s) support
pop3 email suport
everyone.net email service support(changing the MX settings)
95% to 99.9% uptime

I currently have 350 megs on my site, I run a Music community site and the reason why I have so much space taken up is cause I have RealAudio files on my site. It's encrypted files so no one can download it unless they know how to bypass it. It's a way to keep leechers from linking and letting people think that the RealAudio on my site is their own. I will be adding more to the site not only in RealAudio but also section fo the site. I have a picture section and a forum so this is why I need so much bandwidth. Now I am not postive I will use up 20 to 30 gigs each month but it's a precaution. I will mostly use 10 to 15 gigs at the most maybe, but I don't want to just guess something that can change from time to time especially if the site keeps expanding. I need sub-domain support for the reason that I have each section on my site as a sub-domain that way it's easy for someone to remember a section's address if they would like to visit it again. I need perl/php/mysql cause of the scripts I run on my site, I mostly run perl but I have a few php/mysql scripts on there that wouldn't run with out both. I have a account with everyone.net so I would like to run it still and for that I would need the host to change my MX settings or if I can't so that then something around unlimted about ofpop3 accounts so I can give out email account to the people who actually used the email service i ran which was around 80+ members.

So that's what I need I am a full tmie student and I don't have the funds to pay for a big time host that requires so much money each month. So I am in need of a cheap host.

If anyone can help me out I be very greatful if you like to email me my email address is jmolina@myrealbox.com or if you like to contact me thru ICQ or AOL IM my ICQ number 1260850 and my AOL IM Screen name is EVLLWLTHLN ... Thank you for your time it's much appreciated. :)


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That's a really nice package but I forgot to mention that I really can't pay 30$ a month it's just a bit to much for me right now. I am looking for somethign from 9$ to 20$ ... now I know that is VERY hard to find, but I am really hoping that someone out here can help me out.

Thank you once again. :)


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Have you checked tera-byte.com ? Their plan 4 shared hosting plan is only $9.25 but consist of 20GB bandwidth which is within your requirement. However, you might need to make some adjustment with them about the diskspace.