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Need a reliable host for my band's site!

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by daxriggz2004, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. daxriggz2004

    daxriggz2004 Member

    Hello one and all, as you can see, I'm a veteran. I've been around for a good while and now am in need of a good, RELIABLE host to host my band's site. I don't want to pay for service that's going to be offline often or offline completely during a month I've paid for. No fly-by-night's.

    I'm looking for these things roughly:

    1gb's of space
    10-20gb's of bandwidth
    Allows adult content (Not an absolute must, but rockers tend to like legal girlie pics. All would be locked off to the public aside from forumers who agree they're of age, and all would be legal)

    I'll be hosting one, MAYBE 2 domains is all and it won't be high traffic for a while if ever. Nothing will be continuously streaming, but I will have a few songs up (all 100% legally mine) for click-n-play.

    Thanks to all who reply, I look forward to potentially hosting with one of ya. :)
  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Ha ha!!

    Hi! Hopefully we can help you out. We've been in business for 16 years, and really don't believe in downtime. :D

    One thing to note is that our TOS/AUP prohibits adult material (legal or otherwise), but that's just a threat to keep the kids from hosting illegal or copyrighted porn. We have plenty of clients hosting legal adult material, and would be happy to write an email, PDF, etc. to create an addendum to our contract. That's usually how we handle those issues, just to keep thing legitimate.

    Our Bronze Shared Hosting plan would meet all your requirements nicely:

    10 GB Disk Space
    25 GB Bandwidth
    100 Email Accounts
    10 of everything else (databases, FTP accounts, etc)
    Daily on-site, nightly off-site backups

    Order Me

    after 25% FWS Member Discount: FSW25FEB
  3. Technut

    Technut New Member

    Hello Daxriggs2004,

    Bands, yep sure do. Back in 1995 that's all we provided web space and design work for as we first stared hosting all the bands we did demos and production work for, then friends and friends of friends started asking for web hosting, so we started hosting personal, business and others under our Indie record label, but in 1999 we moved to having our web hosing entity become its own company. We still host a few of the bands from way back then, www.boomerband.com. We're not a real big hosting company like so many others, just consistent, dependable and feel our clients needs come first. That's why we have consistently lowered our web hosting plan's costs and increased the size and amenities to all our web hosing plans since 1999.

    We offer ourselves to you for a look at our low cost, high value web hosing plans.

    Below is just some of what you will receive with our business plan.

    • 2.5 GB Shared Storage
    • 30 GB Shared File Transfer
    • Shared Control Panel
    • 200 Email Accounts
    • Additional Shared Features
    • 24-7 Support

    More features here

    $2.83 USD Monthly
    $8.19 USD Quarterly
    $15.18 USD Semi-Annually
    $27.96 USD Annually

    Purchase here

    We hope you find what you are looking for in a web hosting package with us and look forward to serving your needs for years to come.

  4. JJW


  5. 314Hosting

    314Hosting Member

    Take a look at our offer below:

    Disk Space: 3,000MB
    Premium Bandwidth: 50,000MB
    Email Accounts: UNLIMITED
    cPanel Control Panel: Included
    USA Location: $5.96/mo. - Order Now - Secure
    UK Location: $8.96/mo. - Order Now - Secure


    We accept all major credit cards via paypal, alertpay, moneybookers and liberty reserve as payment options.
  6. nextgenhostnet

    nextgenhostnet New Member

    Have a look at my plan too !!

    We are NextGenHost an established company of UK now going global.

    Hopepage - NextGenHost(dot)net / NextGenHost(dot)co(dot)uk

    Client Area - clients(dot)nextgenhost(dot)net

    What we currently offer:

    24/7 Support through tickets
    IM Support
    99.9% uptime
    cPanel on all Plans
    CISCO DDoS Protection
    NGINX + Apache server
    Instant Account Creation
    3 Day Money Back Guarantee
    PayPal Accepted
    FREE Account Move Facility (cPanel Only)​

    Here's our Basic Package which suits your requirement :

    Disk : 5000 MB
    Bandwidth : 15000 MB
    Unlimited features

    FOR $2.50/mo

    and why only host your mp3's ??
    Host with us and share videos of your rock concerts and performance !!

    Yes, we have FFMPEG on all of our servers so that you can easily share and smoothly stream the videos.
  7. The Crasher

    The Crasher New Member

  8. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    nextgenhostnet, The Crasher,
    Did both of you see the date of the last reply of this thread?
  9. macano

    macano New Member

    I lol'd so hard when I saw this! What a loser advertising/reffering his own website to get more sales.

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