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Need A Firewall

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Neglito, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Neglito

    Neglito New Member


    I've been using ZoneAlarm and its been pissing me off. It takes forever to connect with kazaa and it constantly kicks me off AIM. Does anybody reccomend a good firewall? Thanks...
  2. Matt8

    Matt8 All? No, ALL! NLC

  3. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

    "hardware firewalls" don't exist. All firewalls are software based.
  4. jmiller

    jmiller tripcode NLC

    Last edited: Jul 15, 2004
  5. spec

    spec New Member

    technically hardware firewalls use firmware not software, if you want to go that far into semantics
  6. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

  7. jmiller

    jmiller tripcode NLC

    That is still considered a "hardware" firewall.

    Yes, it is a strange and improper name, but it's still correct under today's standards.
  8. Canuckkev

    Canuckkev Doctor Hexagon NLC

    I've used Sygate Personal Firewall (link posted above) and it's a good firewall. Has lots of advanced features. I like it a lot better than any other firewall I've used (ie, Norton, ZoneAlarm).
  9. Matt8

    Matt8 All? No, ALL! NLC

    Excuse me Robert. I used that term because in this thread (about firewalls) it got my point across the easiest without confusing anyone. I seriously doubted anyone would raise a fuss about my somewhat-incorrect terminology, obviously I was wrong in that thought.
  10. stu

    stu boogie with stu NLC

    there's always someone with ants in their pants :p
  11. QReyes

    QReyes New Member

    What's wrong with ZoneAlarm? Were you using the Pro or the Suite version? Does Sygate have a trial version of their software?
  12. Matt8

    Matt8 All? No, ALL! NLC

    They have a free version (for home/personal use) but doesn't have quite as many features I believe.

    EDIT: Just found this firewall in a lockergnome newsletter. See if its any good.

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2004
  13. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

    Ahh who needs a firewall? Let's all live on the edge... ;)
  14. spec

    spec New Member

    ooooor live normally? I dont have one.
  15. QReyes

    QReyes New Member

  16. trenzterra

    trenzterra Well-Known Member NLC

    Sort of true.

    Firmware == Software
  17. Robin Lee

    Robin Lee New Member

    Firmware ??
    I strongly recomend Outpost FirewallAgnitum Home Page
  18. jmiller

    jmiller tripcode NLC

    "Computer programming instructions that are stored in a read-only memory unit rather than being implemented through software."
  19. Riverworld

    Riverworld New Member

    A great hardware firewall solution: if you have an old 386 or higher computer lying around, you could look at www.freesco.org

    It's a small unix-based router, yet can be configured to firewall.

    Just on stability: about 2-3 years ago, my brother had cable, so he used to run freesco on an old box and I used to dial-in to his network, then go out via his Internet connection, so its really stable. It saved me in the end. I used it after that as a firewall/router, it was great, and could a dial up or ADSL connection alive really well.

    There is a great support forum to go with it. It should be able to supply you with almost everything you need in a firewall.

    So it's an option ;) Even if you ebay yourself an old computer and run it that way. :cool2:
  20. Robin Lee

    Robin Lee New Member

    I think he want to say firewall but not firmware ( I know what is firmware :p )

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