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Are you looking to start driving more traffic to gambling but need help figuring out where to begin? Look no further! We've got a new article that breaks down the most profitable traffic sources for gambling and even includes successful case studies from webmasters.

If you want to learn more, click the link provided to know all the details!

Hey, are you someone with SEO experience and running your own websites? We are looking for publishers, and you might be a great fit!

As one of our publishers, you'll enjoy 100% traffic monetization and access to our AdSpyglass service, which lets you filter traffic for each offer. You can take code for any targeting, whether GEO, device, or format.

Not only that, we also offer the option for fixed traffic buying (fix/daily or fix/month), and we always work under agreed conditions. We never bait impression or spam users, so you can rest assured that you'll work with an ethical and transparent partner.

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Hey, have you heard of our new partner LeadRock?

They're an international affiliate network specializing in the Nutra and Whitehat verticals. They have over 1200 different offers to choose from, and the most crucial aspect is that there is a direct advertiser.

Whenever you need help with bumps, landings, prelands, or promos, the LeadRock team is always there to help you out. They can even provide creative solutions if you want to avoid bothering yourself.

And what about payouts, you ask? Payments are made thrice a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and their reputation has been impeccable since 2017. They're a reliable partner and offer the opportunity to work with the LATAM market.

Plus, LeadRock provides access to tools for effective campaign customization and a range of bonuses and discounts for partner services.

It's a good idea to start thinking about driving product traffic as the holidays are approaching. They're an excellent opportunity to make some money.

Valentine's Day and Women's Day are also great occasions, so you should take advantage of the chance to make some profit.

Studying the product's popularity in the Google Trends service for the country you plan to promote it will help you choose the right product.
It's also good to find out about upcoming holidays in the country where you're promoting the product and select a product that is in demand during these periods.
It would be best to create unique creatives as users tend to develop banner blindness very quickly in the product vertical. Uniqueness is essential to high conversion rates in this niche.

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Push notifications and SMS are effective ways to attract new leads.

According to studies, almost half of users have never received a push notification, which means implementing this tool can help attract more fresh traffic and increase engagement.

One successful strategy in mobile marketing is sending messages that offer ways to save money, such as a promo code.

Interestingly, it was found that audiences under the age of 55 prefer SMS (32%) over email (26%), making SMS a valuable tool in fulfilling customers' needs for a transparent user experience. One of the most significant advantages of SMS is that it does not require internet access to receive them.

Combining push notifications, SMS, and email can make these channels even more effective. Setting up cascading sending can help generate many more leads.

And if you don't have time to drive traffic yourself, you can always trust our professionals.

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What formats are we working with to achieve the best results for our advertisers?

Push Notification is an ad format with a message that's sent to the user's device after he has agreed to subscribe. It's displayed above all other windows and has a high user loyalty to offers.Push are convenient to promote them in almost all niches.

In-Page Push is an ad format that doesn't require permission to subscribe, allowing you to reach a huge audience. The notification appears in the top or bottom corner of the site and is displayed on all devices and browsers. This format works best for the dating and VPN niches.

Popunder is an ad format that opens in the background tab of the browser after the user clicks on the site. The easiest and fastest way to launch an advertising campaign. Dating, VPNs and webcam are the best verticals to drive traffic from popunder.

Native is an ad format that easily embeds ads into site content and is immune to Adblock. Provides user engagement and high conversion. Dating, nutra and webcam are the offers that are great to work with for this format.

Banner is a classic display ad format that is placed in high traffic areas on web pages. Banners are great for Nutra and Adult.

Video is a classic version of an advertisement in the format of a video clip. Easily perceived by users and suitable for many verticals. This format works best for webcam and betting.

Yes, we offer a variety of benefits to publishers with our Revshare!

In addition to those terms, it's great to know that we provide tools and formats to optimize advertising campaigns and increase advertiser income.
Our platform's support for headline bidding and new media ad formats is a great way to monetize traffic on any device.
Also, our company's specialists manage advertising so publishers can receive prompt answers from their personal managers.
We are an excellent platform for publishers looking to monetize their traffic.

What type of traffic do we work with?

Hey there! MyBid ad network works with Nutra, Gambling and Betting, Webcam, Dating, Adult and Sweepstakes verticals. If you provide us with your website, the traffic flowing through it will be related to these two verticals.

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

Your results are expected to be even higher now!

We have recently added a new feature that allows setting the number of clicks/shows to be broadcast to a user with the same IP address per unit of time, in addition to the existing capping setting.

This feature is because many conversions are made on the second, third, or fourth display instead of the first. By using this setting, we can adapt to the audience's behavior on a particular slice and maximize the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Furthermore, the capping plus user agent allows users with identical IDs to go to the same site and click on the ad.

In general, capping is helpful as it helps advertisers customize the viewability of ads and spend advertising budgets more efficiently. This ensures that ads hit the right target audience and eliminates the possibility of being ignored. Capping also provides a better user experience for your audience as they don't see the same ad multiple times in a row.

Therefore, limiting frequency is beneficial to advertisers and in the interest of publishers.

The ideal capping setup for a campaign depends on the advertiser's goals and the campaign type. For retargeting campaigns, there are typically two types of goals: re-engaging page visitors by targeting them with relevant products/services and increasing the conversion rate of the advertising campaign. Advertisers are usually willing to pay a higher CPM for such campaigns, so limiting the frequency is necessary to optimize the budget.

On the other hand, brand awareness campaigns can afford a high-frequency limit, such as 30 impressions per campaign, 12 per day, and 8 per hour, or sometimes no campaign limit. In this case, the main goal is quickly gaining brand recognition among selected target audiences.

As many consumers experience banner blindness, your ads must be high-quality and memorable, and users must be willing to click on them. This usually means setting a frequency limit of 1 impression per user per hour or up to 3 impressions per day.

This is how capping can help us achieve better results and optimize your advertising budget based on your specific goals and campaign type.

How to turn $500 into $2000 in a week?

Well, we have some excellent news for you! In this article, we will guide you on how to start profitable work with traffic without having big budgets for start and tests.

Follow the link and read the full article!

Will push traffic be relevant in 2024? Yes, in specific niches. While push notifications have become ubiquitous in recent years, many users have grown tired of the format and are hesitant to subscribe to another notification service.

In-page banners generate a different interest, too, and the intrusiveness of push notifications has led to Google taking action with updates to the Chrome browser.

That said, push technology is still effective in Tier-3 countries, where residents are more receptive to frequent notifications. Additionally, push ads are popular as a retention tool in industries such as gambling, where they can encourage users to sign up or make a deposit.

While push traffic may be more challenging due to the abundance of communication options available, it still has advantages and can be a helpful way to drive traffic.

What is CPA?

We have compiled the most useful and up-to-date information on CPA marketing in our article. What are CPA networks? How do they work? What payment models are available?

Read all about it in our article.

Hey there! Are you wondering what formats we work with? Well, let us tell you, we work with some of the top ones!

In-Stream is a paid integration of adverts that appear organically in bloggers' videos. They can appear both in videos and on affiliate websites.

There are 3 types of these adverts:
In-Stream ads with skippable options. It lasts up to 6 minutes. Users can skip to the video after 5 seconds.
In-Stream adverts without skipping option. Video adverts can last up to 15 seconds. Users will not be able to start watching the intended clip until they finish watching the advert.
Intro Ads. Last no longer than 6 seconds. Requires the viewer to watch the advert in its entirety.

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The TES conference in Portugal begins tomorrow.

Visit us at stand number 31 to learn about our new products and see our fresh branding. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

If you haven't worked with widgets before, now is the time to get started.

Our unique custom mobile ad format, Widget Notifications, is designed to attract only quality users.

It combines the advantages of In-Page and Calendar display ad formats. With our high traffic volumes, strict filtering system, and unique display mechanics, you can easily find a quality and interested audience.

Our widgets offer a range of benefits, including
showing only active users,
filtering up to 70% of clicks,
and providing IOS and Android traffic.

You can also expect a high CTR and CR, thanks to our built-in Anti-Fraud system and the high uniqueness of our traffic.

Our team accomplished a lot in a short time.

We attended several events, including TES, AW, Sigma, and numerous pre- and after-parties. Were we tired? Absolutely! Did we achieve our goals? Yes! Find out more in our review by clicking the link.

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Drive traffic to the US? Why not? Let's discuss why it's profitable.

The US and dating are a match.
It's profitable because the conversion rate is almost the same for all states, with Texas, California, and Florida having the highest traffic volume.
The 50+ audience has the highest check and LTV, while the 26-35+ audience is the highest converting segment.
iOS users are also converting well.

Additionally, the US is one of our core GEOs.

Edit your campaigns on MyBid!

We now have this feature. Learn how it works in detail by reading the article at the link.

Are you confident in your abilities and unafraid of high competition? Then it's time to focus on Canada!

What do we know about this GEO?

This GEO is known for its top verticals, which in descending order of interest are adult, dating, gambling, and betting.
Although competition is fierce, the payouts are also high.
Despite their high level of education, Canadians can still be quite gullible. The audience responds positively to discounts, drawings, and the opportunity to receive a branded item or expensive equipment for free, despite concerns about linking a card.

Additionally, Canada is one of our core GEOs.