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my own DNS


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Could anybody recommend where can I setup 2-4 DNS using my own domain name (e.g. ns.domain) without paying for any hosting space ? Online Edit is a must..
This must be a paid service for sure.
I believe no one offer this kind of service for free.

I have many domains and don't want to edit all their nameservers everytime moving from one bad host to another host.

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Good Idea, but I am not yet ready in every aspects(like setup a linux box) . So I must use some paid reliable provider before.
If the reason is that you just don't want to change DNS at your registrar, then I suggest either:

1) Putting all the domains at one registrar (like an OpenSRS one that allows you to log in once and do changes from the web for all the domains - not at the same time, but you can switch from domain to domain while logged in).

2) Using a free DNS service. I know that zonedit.com allows you 5 domains, not sure how many you can have at cnetralinfo.net and mydomain.com but worth checking. You'd then change info from your account there (while nameservers would continue to be the same).

This won't give you ns.yourdomain.com but it will give you what (I think) you are asking for.
Are you just worried about not being able to admin the DNS Yourself?

Give me a email at derrick@pcisd.com and I will show you a few tricks that will not only make your life 10 times easier but they are not hard to remember. If you take notes from my email or save it you should have no trouble in the future.

If all your going to run is DNS then you do not really need to know everything about a unix machine.
thank you, but..

# 1) Putting all the domains at one registrar
As I have 100+ domains registered thru many registrars(including DZ). this can cause me Bankruptcy.

# 2) Using a free DNS service.
This can be my pity when someone call whois or centralinfo or mydomain down, I don't know whoever to I cry for.

How do you think ?

# I will show you a few tricks that will not only make your life 10 times easier .

Wow. that sounds very interesting. Bbroadreach could you tell us here so that many people can benefit this amazing technology.
I think your still going to have to pay for DNS traffic.

If your worried about that then your best bet is to find 2-4 people and pay them X dollars per month for the use of a machine to run DNS on.

You can find ISP's and Web Hosting that are willing to give you a discounted rate for bandwidth as small as DNS.

However I do not think you will be able to find this feature for free.
Ray, if you have 100+ domains/customers isn't it time to start thinking about a dedicated server rather than just reselling with other hosts?
Of course , but I have to develop unix skill before setting up a server.

It's wierd that no one offer this service publically. I used my own nameservers at Alabanza but it is not cop yet .(also expensive)
Could you recommend some good place ? I know some hosts providing this price but many said they did not woth a try(ie.cobaltrack).

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Email steve@tera-byte.com tell him Chicken wants you to describe any $99/mo Cobalt specials he's running. I have personal experience with tera-byte (server colo'd there), but another one you might want to check out is:

Charles Baker - Sales Manager
(316) 618-6923 Ext 101

He is frequently posts on WebHostingTalk.com and seem very nice. I know he runs $80-$120 specials as well.

Although you can find some really cheapos on the net now and then, I believe these two are at least reliable inexpensive, not cheap (if you know what I mean).

If all you want are DNS servers and can provide a machine I can find you a place for 99 US. We Have a facility here local that we share with the local ISP. Im pretty sure we can give you a hand for a very small fee.

I just am not sure if we have a spare machine to set aside just for DNS traffic.