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My homepage hacked. How can I protect myself?

Discussion in 'Host Talk' started by MrPixels, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Hello.

    I put hours into making my site look good. Then woke up this morning and poof, its gone. Now my zpanel and user files were all ok. But, they signed up as dogtag. And uploaded a script called nstview.php and ran it. I looked at it and... what... its very complex and all in php so I dont know it. I thought I was secure. But oviously not. So, are there any tips on how I can revent this? Besides making backups? I know I know. Dumbass move, but oh well... Also, it sayed "hacked by goodbody" anyone heard of them?

    PS: I would release the code for you to look at but... I cant trust people.
  2. Fried

    Fried New Member

    I'll might be able to help you, talk on msn / send me the code in attachment. Im expierienced in PHP.

    My msn is gopzap@gopzap.net or just PM me the code.

    BTW Im not a hacker ;)
  3. utcrazy

    utcrazy Wo ist mein handy NLC

    Can't think of anything myself except OFFSITE backups. Whether this is burning a CD ad the DC and taking it to another location, or having the files automatically copy to another server every day. Anything can happen, even in the most protected DC. Redundant backups can save a website from being down too long as wlel. P.S: Don't trust someone with 13 posts, go with a more experienced FWSEer. You could trust someone like me with 1200 posts and a good rep, but I don't know PHP.
  4. serverorigin

    serverorigin ServerOrigin.Com NLC

    I would suggest finding a host that has secure servers for one thing. If certain restrictions were in place this usually cannot happen.
  5. repoman

    repoman New Member

    Also ones with offsite daily back-ups or at least weekly.
    also never heard of goodbody but there are many script kiddies now
  6. Erizo

    Erizo Muffin NLC

    secure servers, logging ip logs (o.o), changing passwords, a thing by a thing to make it more secure :p
  7. shinyblogs.com

    shinyblogs.com New Member

    That script is a big collection of tools to help people hack servers, but it all depends on what you let your users do. You had a too-lenient configuration that let people you host do things that weren't safe. It's too hard to tell what the hole they got in with was from your post, it could have been any number of things.

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