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Money Order Domains


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Are there any $10 domain places that will accept a money order without a processing fee? GKG has gone evil. =(
So is it worth going to the trouble of setting up a money order? If for any reason someone wanted to track you down via your credit card details would the domain provider be obliged to hand over these details?

Oh and before I forget how would you go about setting up a money order anyway? Is it done through the bank, post office or some other way?
You can get a money order through the post office

it would be worth the trouble if you did not have a CC
Money orders can be gotten at a lot of different places... banks, the post office, grocery stores, and check-cashing centers, just to name a few.
So does anyone know what the likelihood of being tracked down via your CC details is? I've got a credit card that I could use and don't really want to pay an extra $15 to have a money order processed. Would this info be confidential or not?
A domain registration cannot be confidential as you have to give your name and address when you register the domain.
Also, it helps us poor registrars when the domain comes round for renewal.
After all, you won't want your domain expiring without notification.

We accept money orders for hosting (US dollars), but the problem with taking them for domains is that by the time it got here your chosen name would probably have been taken.

You would be much better off giving cash to a friend with a credit card and getting them to order it.

Thanks for the info, it's good to get some feedback from someone who knows the business from the inside (no offense to anyone else :))

After reading your reply the money order idea doesn't sound like such a good way to go. You could just give the registrar false address and phone no. details though couldn't you? As long as the email address is valid you can still keep in touch. Do you still process registrations with contact details that are obviously fake as long as the payment method is OK?
Not normally.
As your credit card will be declined if the address given doesn't match the address that the card is billed to.
Therefore the registration won't go through.

However, we use Opensrs which means people can log in and change their whois entry at any time.
You can even change the owner - with no paperwork.

Does anyone know if the information you give to a registrar when you pay by cheque is cross checked with your name and address details? And can you use a cheque from the UK when paying a US registrar?
Originally posted by Maverick
Does anyone know if the information you give to a registrar when you pay by cheque is cross checked with your name and address details? And can you use a cheque from the UK when paying a US registrar?

Well that all depend on the registrars banking arrangements.
We are UK based and are able to accept cheques in US currency as we have special arrangements with our bank.
Most banks charge businesses 5 - 10 UK pounds per USD transaction. Sometimes they make the company wait months for the cheques to clear.
Fortunately we pay 5 UKP for any number of US cheques paid in at the same time, with immediate credit to our account.
Because we invoice companies in the US for hosting we regularly have US dollar cheques to bank so there is effectively no processing cost to us if someone buys a domain with a cheque.

The only problem would be if it bounced months later, but thats a different issue.

The same probably works the other way round but as the pound is such an insignificant currency, you might find it difficult to find a cheap registrar who can afford to bank a UK cheque.

You should consider an international money order, but I still rekon finding a friend with a credit card makes the most sense.