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mechanical pencils are dangerous

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by tandoc, May 9, 2002.

  1. tandoc

    tandoc tandoc tandoc NLC

    make sure never to jab yourself with a mechanical pencil.. my friend got about 1.5cm piece of grphite lodged into his hand.. pretty st00pid.. and dangerous!
  2. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    A mechanical pencil? :confused: :eek:
  3. Seldimis

    Seldimis New Member

    I used mechanical pencils since 2 years but nothing happend. It is a good thing for injuring somebody :) :) Just humor....
  4. tandoc

    tandoc tandoc tandoc NLC

    or pacer
  5. trenzterra

    trenzterra Well-Known Member NLC

    surprised it didn't break. I once stabbed a 2B pencil into my hand.
  6. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    Even more confusing :confused2

    Love these in depth explanations :devious2:
  7. stu

    stu boogie with stu NLC

    here's better advice: make sure you don't jab yourself with anything... :rolleyes:
  8. meow

    meow Rebutted, enshrined NLC

    Hehehe! I can think of things to do with such a pencil. :p
  9. Dusty

    Dusty NLC NLC

    The solution would be to not jab yourself with a pencil-- or with anything, for that matter.

    Jan, you have been living on Mars in a cave with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears. :p A mechanical pencil is like this:

    You've got a hollow plastic tube. It doesn't have to be plastic, it can be wood or silver or gold, but it's most often plastic and disposable. Inside it is a spring, a little plastic sword-shaped thing, and a length of graphite just smaller than the pencil itself. Rather than having to sharpen it like you would a regular pencil, when you wear down the point you just twist out a bit more graphite.

    There are also mechanical pencils that have no spring or sword but work by means of a series of tiny carriers inside the tube that are operated by a button on top, but I don't like those.
  10. anhedonia

    anhedonia I'm on a boat NLC

    Who the hell calls a pacer a mechanical pencil? WTF!
  11. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC

    What the hell is a pacer???

    Mechanical pencils are the only kind I'll use...
  12. anhedonia

    anhedonia I'm on a boat NLC

    I cannot believe you call them "mechanical pencils".
  13. Canuckkev

    Canuckkev Doctor Hexagon NLC

  14. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    Thank you Dusty for your explanation :)

    While I was out I made a point of looking for these pencils and I found some! :p
  15. meow

    meow Rebutted, enshrined NLC

    OMG! :redface2:
  16. Blank Verse

    Blank Verse NLC NLC

    Bruce, you have to remember Australians are slow and think that a Pacer is a mechanical pencil and not a P.O.S. car.
  17. syd

    syd NLC NLC

    I stabbed myself in the palm with a pencil once (in elementary school), and I still have a grey under-the-skin mark where it happened.

    Perhaps the lead/graphite lodged under there and I never took it out :confused: Oh well, I'm not dead yet so I'm not gonna bother (lazy)
  18. tandoc

    tandoc tandoc tandoc NLC


    i called it mechinacal pencil becuz i thought that the americans would know what i was talking about.. and then all the aussies [me, etc] are here.. and i thought they would know.. but then i had to call it a pacer.. jeez.. u ppl like to argue over nothing..
  19. anhedonia

    anhedonia I'm on a boat NLC

    Someone call GC! An argument over nothing and he's missing out!
  20. tandoc

    tandoc tandoc tandoc NLC

    yay! let's talk about politics.. i wanna the primi minister some day.. when he actually becomes the head of state too.. or the other one.. i dunno... :cry2:

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