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Marketing Campaigns


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My partner and i have been discussing various marketing techniques to promote our hosting services, in the past we have deployed both telephone and email campaigns. We had far more success in gaining new clients within our telemarketing campaigns and fairly mixed results with our email campaign. So my question is what marketing efforts have you tried and seen decent results from?

As a side rant the one thing that is critical to the success of your telemarketing campaign is quality leads (Thats business 101 right? lol). So if you have any pointers on fairly decent leads for reasonable cost please feel free to divulge (no Sales Genie please.)

Thoughts, Comments?


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Well if you want to promote, i would lay off calling random people up and emailing them. It is damn annoying! I would blacklist your email address and probably report your server to the datacentre for sending out spam emails (thats a $55 fine).

If you want to market, start by forum posts. Not just normal forum posts, offer free stuff, most popular is free domain! You start offering free domain registration like one or two domains every week for forum post or similar. That way you get a LOT of customers! You can also offer free VPS, but dont think that will work out too well.


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SalesGenie for hosting accounts? Odd way to start, didn't think the industry of hosting would be listed there.
But then again, most companies have a web presence, so it makes sense ..

Try co-ops.
This concept is still pretty new and unexplored but very usueful.
Ex: Contact a very well-known web-publisher of a topic (web design lets say)
and offer their readers a 25% discount. Their RSS subscribers might be in the thousands. Could possibly be 20K sales. :)

Outside-the-box-marketing 101. :)