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Mailman hosting

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by ritho, May 1, 2012.

  1. ritho

    ritho New Member

    We were using Groupspaces to host a small non-profit expat club discussion list. (ciwcro.com) They just reduced their free account from 250 members to 50 members on the discussion lists. We have about 70 members, with very little expected growth. We are looking for Mailman hosting with enough "bulk mail" allowance for the list to send maybe 1O emails to each the list a day usually it is only 2 or three. I would think 1000 emails a day would usually suffice.

    We only want Mailman hosting for a subdomain, e.g. list.ciwcro.com. Our current web host is very restrictive on the number of emails allowed.
  2. djblalock

    djblalock New Member

    What is the price range you are looking for? I might can work something out with you.
  3. Meksilon

    Meksilon Well-Known Member NLC

    ^Originally looking for free, so I would imagine a very small ammount. :)
  4. djblalock

    djblalock New Member

    I know that there is a script to manage email lists in the Script Installer and also a fair amount of email lists with HostingMy.net, if that would work

    You can use the coupon code freewebspacenet to get 90% off your first month, so you can try it for the month extremely cheap.
    Last edited: May 6, 2012
  5. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    Huh... You are advertising in a weird kind of way... Like you suggest a site to a friend or something... While you are advertising the same site in your signature and on FWS.
  6. djblalock

    djblalock New Member

    I meant as it is my website, looking at it now it is worded weird :rolleyes2

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