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LOST Series Finale


How did you all like or hate it? I loved it, and cried after the show... I haven't cried that much for years, and continued to crying when I arrived at my computer to talk to a friend on IM.
I don't watch the show, but I heard a lot of people were extremely disappointed with the way it ended.
Yeah, even bought the boxset for season 1, but season 2 made me feel like it wasn't going anywhere and that it was being made up as the writers went along. I still think that. I saw previews of a few episodes since then, but nothing that made me want to watch. Don't think I ever will. Might watch the ending episode just to see.
May be spoilers at the end of the post, consider yourself warned.

I watched seasons one and two immediately after each one came out on DVD. Then I lost interest in the show for three years. Near the end of season five, my girlfriend and I got back into it and started from season one. We watched all the way through season five. After the third season, everything just began to get so convoluted and dumb that it became a love/hate relationship. Season five seemed like a complete chore to watch. I insisted that we kept going and see it through since I knew season six was supposed to end it all. We had all season six episodes recorded and started watching them Saturday. By the time the finale came on Sunday night, we had watched the entire season six up to that point.

By the end of the finale, we both thought we had completely wasted our time with this series. The writers draw you in with all kinds of twists and turns that involve a supernatural island that they never actually fully explain. Instead, they manage to take a large cast of characters and somehow make pretty much all of them easy to hate by the end of six seasons.

Jack - I'm in charge, I'm not in charge, I'm in charge again, I don't care what you said, do what I said.
Hurley - I'm super annoying in everything I do. I am a stereotypical bumbling fat guy.
Charlie - I dress like a goth rocker but have the LAMEST song ever. Also, I'm a little ----- with the most annoying face in the world. I will make you never want to watch another show with me in it by the end of one season.
Kate - I will get the hots for every guy on this island who I think will eventually get off of it. That way, I'm safe no matter what.
Sawyer - I'm awesome because I give stupid nicknames to everyone. At least I'm not annoying as most other people.
Desmond - Guess what, I'm a super human, but ultimately irrelevant to the entire story until I pull a cork out of the island.
Ben - I will make everyone hate me so I can get the award for being punched in the face the most on this wretched series.
Claire - I'm going to whine about my baby, disappear, return, become CrAzY with a rat's nest on my head, and whine about my baby some more.
Sayeed - I'm going to be an awesome ruthless anti-hero with a soft side through 99% of the entire series and deliver dead bodies and epic --- kicking when I should, then succumb to some weird illness that will never be explained that turns me 'bad'.
Michael - I will turn into a two-face ----- that's only saving grace is killing Anna Lucia.
Walt - You think I'm important! ...but I'm not.
Richard - I'm immortal with a pretty strange back story connected to the pirate ship in the middle of the island, but ultimately meaningless.
Locke - I started out the baddest mother------ on the island killing boars with a knife. Then I became so infatuated with the island, I wanted to make sweet love to it. Then I get killed by Ben. I stare down a smoke monster. But I get killed by Benjamin Linus. FML.

Jin and Sun weren't terrible I suppose. Then there's a ton more that are just completely forgettable... Juliet, Mr. Ecko, Anna Lucia, etc.

I wanted more explanation about the island. More about how someone actually becomes a smoke monster beyond getting pushed into an electromagnetic field. More about how exactly Jacob can give someone eternal life. How did the island even get there? Who put the cork there? Why is there a statue of Taweret? How did Jacob's mother get to the island? What was the deal with women dying who got pregnant? Why was Walt even important? Why exactly did you get lost without using the proper bearing to leave the island? What the hell was that wheel that Locke turned in the well?

All of the strange things happening was what made me interested enough to keep watching and what did I get for it? "Oh, all that's really just irrelevant! Jack and the gang had a flash sideways that was really purgatory, but they're all united now in this alternate universe and they will all be going to the next step of afterlife!"

Entire series: 0 stars, don't waste your time.
Your avatar, since it's CRAP

What has that got to do with this crappy show?? :topic:

EDIT: I get what you mean, it would watch it because its crap.
Well that may be correct, either way it still enforces my views of the show being crap so I can live with that... :D