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Looking for free personal website hosting


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Hello. You know what I'm looking for already :p, here are some details:
250 MB storage
300 MB bandwidth
PHP and MySQL, and allowed as many databases as I can make without exceeding storage limits
Minimal downtime
Option to negotiate for an upgrade if my site ever grows
No ads - I'll only have, at most, one of my own, for your site.
Forum posting not required
An offer that doesn't look copy+pasted

That's just what I'd like, they are not strict requirements. Feel free to offer more :) or less :(

What I plan to do with this:
I'm a college student aspiring to be a programmer, so I want to write some useless apps and post them somewhere where people I know can see them and give me feedback on my code. Small storage space is fine for me, so I can make sure what I write is fairly bloat-free, since I won't have the space to host them otherwise :p. I also plan on putting up some direct downloads to some pictures and audio/video files, but only under a password-protected directory or only for a couple hours at most. That's only for me to transfer to a friend or to myself when I can't SSH into my desktop to drop them off there.

I'll be getting my own domain name, so you don't have to provide that. I'm hoping to switch from some paid hosting, since they recently doubled the price on the plan I'm on and I don't want to pay that much for a site that has never seen more than 150 MB traffic in a month.
Hello, lfok. I'm sure we could help you.

Would be interested in the following plan?

256MB Disk Space
3GB Bandwidth
5 Features (databases, emails, ftp accounts, etc)
Nothing required in return. You may, however, put a link-back on your site to show your appreciation.

Hosting comes with Direct Admin as the control panel. If interested, you may signup here: http://clients.x-ind.com/manage/?_page=cart:cart&do[]=cart:add&product_id=14&recurr_schedule=1

Also, if you don't have your own domain, you may use a subdomain, but you must submit a support ticket or talk with a live sales representative to obtain a free subdomain.

I have a free hosting account available that you may sign up for that will provide you with what you need.

You will receive 5GB of storage, and 10 GB of bandwidth (which is significantly more than your request). Also includes FTP, PHP, MySQL, unlimited databases, 99.99% uptime, and we can certainly talk about upgrading your site if you ever require it in the future.

There is also no advertisements and no posting requirements, its as free and easy as it gets.

The signup link is at: https://manage.cybernetik.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=2

Let me know if you have any questions.
Schmarvin, are you closing up soon? I saw this: http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2220904 though it's from some months ago. And it looks like your domain is for sale...
I can offer you:

250 MB diskspace
5 GB monthly bandwidth
No ads. No forum posts.

Please visit http://onthehousehost.com or email signup{at}onthehousehost.com and include a link back to this thread. Also, please include the reason why you need a host.

Thank you and have a great day!
My domain isn't for sale. Maybe the dot net, which is the old wordpress hosting I used to offer. But, I can't go out of business anytime soon. Hence why I registered as an LLC.
@Krishopper: There is very little information about the free plan on your site. Can you tell me why it gives so much more storage over some paid plans? I can't find the feature listing for the free plan so I can't compare.

@Schmarvin: That's good to know. Also, the main site says the starter plan has 8 features, is that a different plan or is it wrong? Will there be ads on my site? I think so far your offer looks the best.

Thanks everyone for your offers so far!