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looking for a unmanaged dedicated server with a 15 day free trial

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by weedfreak2012, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. weedfreak2012

    weedfreak2012 New Member

    im looking for a dedicated server with the fallowing specs

    100 gb hardrive
    1tb bandwidth
    centos or openbsd
    cpanel with fantasico softlicous or installiton
    root access
    DDoS protection
    irc allowed
    shoutcast allowed
    adult content allowed
    instant activation a plus
    my budject for this is $30.00 to $50.00 per month

    thanks for looking have a safe and happy easter :)
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2012
  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    You can pretty much forget that. Companies are not going to provision a dedicated server for you on a trial basis, and certainly not with cPanel installed. I don't know of a single company that offers dedicated server trials.

    Your budget is also ridiculously low, considering the cPanel dedicated server license is going to cost anywhere from $20-40/mo. Even at the $20 figure, you're talking about a dedicated server in the price range of $10-30/mo. And DDoS protection? You can't be serious. You would be lucky to find an old P4 or Celeron for that price, with no cPanel, no DDoS protection, etc. You're also not going to get instant activation on a dedicated server.

    Are you actually looking for a VPS like in your other posts?
  3. Schmarvin

    Schmarvin Cross Industries NLC

    I believe for what your looking for with all the bells and whistles, it will cost upwards of $300 per month.
    But, as for what wswd stated, your price-range is that for a VPS.
  4. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    This is not going to happen.

    You might want to take a look at our VPSes tho as the Maxi VPS covers your needs for €45 a month excluding cPanel but we can give you a proper deal on that.
  5. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    Same as everyone else, I am going to say, it not going to happen with the price you want.
    With these alone
    It already cost you twice than what you budgeted.
  6. MilesGeek

    MilesGeek Member

    It would be really difficult to find a reliable hosting provider offering free trial on a dedicated server. Many good hosting providers don't even offer money back guarantee on dedicated servers. Also the application like IRC is not allowed by many hosting provider. If you are seriously looking for a reliable hosting provider then you will have to first raise your budget.
  7. storminternet

    storminternet Member

    Right. IRC is not allowed for security reasons by many hosts. However if you are looking for dedicated server with low cost you should consider unmanaged dedicated servers.

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