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looking for a host!


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well... i had hostonce but their unix server had soooo many probs i convinced them to give me a refund... heres a part of the email i got back:

As per your request we have disabled your account and have issued you with a refund, we have however withheld $16 which is to cover the cost of buying your domain. Your refund will be issued within the next 24 hours.
anyways... now i need a host... im willing to spend about $60/yr (about $5/month)... i need atleast the following:

free setup
150mb or more (prefer: 200mb+)
atleast 2-3gb transfer
cgi (prefer: full cgi access)
php (latest version)
mysql db
SSI support
www.mydomain.com (i have 1 from hostonce soooooo i need a free transfer or somethin)
subdomains (atleast 4-5)
control panel
24/7 ftp access
atleast 5 ftp accounts (prefer: atleast 10)

i want something like the Gold Plan at http://www.digitalhost.net/plans.html but i want to see if there is anything cheaper (im alrdy using $16 for a domain @ hostonce) - ALSO is digitalhost.net any good???

plz post any plans/offers you have or any you find... thnx in advance


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Originally posted by Myacen Network

Your post is against the rules, and what is "Unlimited Anonymous Ftp"?.
You never heard of that ???

Next thing you'll be saying is "whats unlimited webspace" :D

Basically ... i think he means by that ... you get an anonymous ftp account .. which unlimited use :confused:

But .... you need a dedicated ip for that .... so i think if that aint what he means ... maybe its another hosting lie.


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Yes... you dont need ded IP for anonymous FTP - you need an exlusive IP only for an [exclusive - non shared] SSL cert - for all else a name based hosting will do and will do very well too!

Infact IP based hosting will slow down Apache somewhat , compared to namebased hosting

The chief advantage of a host offering IP based hosting is that they cant load too many domains on 1 server [it's a kind of insurance for the client]

Cheers & Happy New YEar