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Looking for a free PHPBB host.


New Member
I've posted this awhile back, about 2 years ago, and i'm here to try again...

I'm looking for a place to host a PHPBB2 forum on for free, or a decent remote host that allows custom themes, emoticons, and database backup. Since I know there are some of you out there who simply can't take a hint, i'm placing emphasis on PHPBB, so that means don't reply with links to those lousy invision hosts, reasons you think I should use invision, or any other similar nonsense as I will simply ignore it.

General requirements are:

* 50 mb or more space
* Unmeted bandwidth (because I don't wanna go over my limit and get charged for it)
* PHP support (with sendmail, since PHPBB requires it)
* FTP preferred
* Either no ads, text link, button, or banner that doesn't interfere with the script. No popups or adframes, they're among the spawn of satan!
* Ability to add my own themes and emoticons
* Ability to backup my database
* Anything else required to run PHPBB 2.x

I *prefer* my own host, but will settle for a remote host if any exists that conforms to my basic requirements. I've tried Lycos UK and DK3. Lycos gave errors, and DK3 is far from desirable. I'm willing to try out newer hosts.

Also, Why is it every remote hosts gives either some offbrand board, a invision board, or a Yabb board? Theres atleast afew choices for each of those, but theres pretty much none for PHPBB. So, if you're among those planning on starting a free board host, *hint hint* try being unique and offering PHPBB, as a free PHPBB host is desparately needed.


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I was told that miarroba supports PHPNuke, but I tried to install the latest version and I'm getting a lot of errors... did anyone manage to install phpnuke on miarroba.com sites?

PS: They offer unmettered bandwidth and claim that there are users that take up to 1GIG/day..


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ummmm... I cannot speak spanish :( are there any other places to go that offer all the general requirements above??? IM DESPARATE lol