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Looking for a dedi with native IPv6


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Here's what I have in mind for a dedi in order to revitalize my operations and possibly expand into VM and game server hosting. Lets see whats out there.

Xeon Haswell CPU, E3-1230V3 or better
At Least 8GB of ram, 16GB preferred
At least 2x 250GB HDD- it MUST have 2 physical devices so that I can use RAID1E for data integrity. If you could get me SSDs or 1TB drives without going over price target I would love it, but I know its unlikely.

IPV4 /29 or better with option to add more later. How many more depends on how many clients I end up with.
Native IPv6 /64 or /48 This is required. If you do not have native IPv6 yet, you need to get with the times. I have quite a few friends in Europe that might be visiting this, and portions of Europe no longer have direct IPv4 connectivity- they are forced to use ISP provided NATs to get access to IPv4 hosts.

At least 1TB bandwidth per month on a gigabit port. I doubt I'll get anywhere near it, but you'd better deliver if you promise that much.

Pricewise, I would like to see this in the $25-100 monthly range. I know that's going to be tough to meet, but lets see what you can come up with for a deal. My budget for this project is extremely tight, so I need as much bang for the buck as I can get. Offers that exceed $100 a month will not be considered.

Location is flexible as long as it has good connectivity. I've had operations all over North America and even a few VMs in Luxembourg before. But I expect a clean network that isn't going to be down for half a day every 2 weeks.


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Nice seeing you back, Seraphim!

Have you tried OVH? I'm not a big fan of theirs, but you can definitely get a server within those specs and your budget. I'll put together a couple offers in a bit, but they will unfortunately be near the top end of the budget.


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10TB Transfer @1Gbps
/29 IPv4
/64 IPv6

E3-1230v2 (I know...not quite the v3)
25TB Transfer @1Gbps
4 IPv4
/48 IPv6
$99 w/ 16GB RAM
$99 w/ 8GB RAM and 2x250GB SSD instead of SATA


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As I know, hostwinds offer a wide range of dedicated servers to choose from.
Based on the number of positive reviews from users who have been with them for a long time, can say that you can rely on them.


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Startup Dedicated Server - https://www.croweb.host/shop/dedicated-startup
Key Features:

- server model: HP ProLiant DL320e 1U
- processor: 1 x Intel® Xeon® 3060 @2.4 GHz, 4 cores CPU
- HDD space: 500 GB Enterprise SATA @7200 rpm
- controller: SW RAID
- 1 public IPv4 address (up to /29, per request)
- remote monitoring and management: iLO Advanced
- 1Gbps server port, 50/50Mbps dedicated link
- monthly bandwidth: 30 TB
- controlled working conditions in our datacenter
- network uptime guarantee 99.99% (SLA)
- power uptime guarantee 100% (SLA)