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Long domain names.


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It is recommended to create a short and easy to remember domain name, but I notice that time by time people still register long domain names (consisting of more than three words). Why? I don't believe they are not aware of that recommendation.
You have to take what you can get now, and it's better taking one your visitors can remember, even if it is more than one word.
I agree with Decker.
As long as the domain name is easy to remember, it doesn't matter if it is too long, unless you are concern about the value after appraisal.
Example, a domain name like "iamyourfather.com" or "comeandkickmyass.com" is some good example.
A long domain has many advantages. One advantage is that you can insert your site concept keyword in your long domain, which is impossible for a short domain, if your site keyword contain 3 or 4 words. Long domain that contains your site concept gives your site an extra point in term of search engines placement.
Long Domain Name

Make you domain user friendly so, user can easily remember your domain name.
Its not necessary whether it is long domain or short domain name.

If you want a shorter domain name you have to be extremely creative these days, as a lot are already registered. Like the people said above me though, there can be some advantages to registering a longer one, if you use your brain.
May your domain name is shorter or longer, it doesn't matter untill and unless it is self explanatory about your services and products.
This does not matter; however, if your name has special characters like (-) in it then that's where you could throw people off. The different between HeyYou and Hey-You is a huge one in terms of when people go searching for a site.You may miss out on business because the customer simple entered the wrong site. Also it depends on SEO and Marketing as well because a site could look better and be more appealing in terms of name, but fail because the person did not do enough to keep it on top of the page ranks.
because the short domain names are not much available especially less than 5 character domain usually hard to get it with new registration and you need to get it in the domain selling market or auction market.

Since short keyword domain is not available, they start looking for long keyword domain to search for other niche.
if you are making a niche or keyword targeted site, than its better to use a domain with all keywords in it,rather than using an easy domain name.

There is no fix rule, you choose the domain based on ur goal. I would rather register a domain long enough to have my keywords and short enough to be attractive.

Tell me how many websites address do you type in ur url bar? dont you mostly rely on saved/bookmarked/history data?

Mostly people dont type the web address,so whats the point in a short memorable name?
Google recommends a name + descriptor when creating a domain name. It lets the crawler index your site easier and gets your a better ranking initially.

However I prefer something your visitors can remember and spell correctly as in the end of the day that will be the most important factor in returning visitors! I also like short and sweet domain names, good luck! :cool2:
However I prefer something your visitors can remember and spell correctly as in the end of the day that will be the most important factor in returning visitors!
Agreed. Preferably the words in the longer domain name should be short and easy to put together as well. Like freewebspacehost.org for example. It would be easy to remember as well as to type in the address line.