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l33tca...the story goes on


New Member
"We are gonna have to lower the Free Bandwidth Limit (FBL) until we get more paying users. It may be low now, but in a month's time the FBL could either increase or decrease depending on the ratio of paying users."

Sorry, but this makes no sense....why I or anyone should become a paying user, to get more data transfer, when I know that it's going to increase for the non paying users if some of us buy the service. Of course you'll say that it might go down too. But less than 100MB data transfer really sucks. I think they must find another way to get paying customers.


New Member
Yeah... 100mb transfer per month? Sites that host are very popular will die soon and pay huge amt. of $$ if they use this service... ;)


Paying L33T is like paying a drug addict thinking they would buy food... Let it L33t fall because it doesn't deserve to be up.

L33t really should move towards a selective sign-up process instead of accepting everybody who submits the form.

But since everybody at l33t doesn't know what they are doing, they won't and it will die.


New Member
l33t wasn't a bad host before (at least feature wise. speed sucked, and it had major downtime), but 100mb per month sucks...I had better luck with portland.