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Javascript programmer needed ... easy much


serial slacker
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Javascript programmer who can help me build a comic/manga viewer as seen at the places below:



I will build a php back end in so far as adding series chapters and displaying indexes etc ... (although the JS programmer might need some php knowledge, it would be a plus ! :) )

but I havent got much knowledge about JS to be honest.

My budget for this isn't huge but I'm not one for skimping out on people, I would like this fairly soon too.

If there is anyone who thinks they might be able to do this could they get in touch with me by email/pm/reply etc .. ? :)

Much appreciated



Why is Dan Back!!
Heya Dog of War,

I've typed this little thingo up for you mate.


function changePge($type){
	if($type == 1){
//Change title
	$titlePge = document.getElementById('1').value;
		if($titlePge != ""){
//	alert($titlePge);
		location.replace('http://google.com/' + $titlePge);
//Change page
	$rootPge = location.href; //Must be changed and supplied by PHP Intergration.
	$chapPge = document.getElementById('2').value;
		if($chapPge != ""){
//	alert($titlePge);
		location.replace($rootPge + '/' + $chapPge);


Manga: <select id="1" onchange="javascript:changePge('1');">
<option value="" selected>Please Select a title...</option>
<option value="Manga_Title_1">Manga Title 1</option>
<option value="Manga_Title_2">Manga Title 2</option>
<option value="Manga_Title_3">Manga Title 3</option>
Chaptor: <select id="2" onchange="javascript:changePge('2');">
<option value="" selected>Please Select a title...</option>
<option value="01">The Swamp</option>
<option value="02">The Computer</option>
<option value="03">The Elephant</option>
With minimal editing and a little TLC with PHP integration, it'll do exactly what you want mate! Hope it helps!


serial slacker
Thanks so much for this mate ! This looks good :)

Any chance I could further impose on your kindness and chat to you about it on msn ?


New Member
Hi, [UW]Glenn,
I appreciated your kindly reply! I know a little about PHP, and also want to set up a manga viewer site, I copy the code into a g html page and also built directory ,but can't perform the result. Could you please help me?

I am Eric from China, Thank you very much!
I will come back soon!:beer: