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is it hard to make webhosting?

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by rajeshbharati2, May 21, 2011.

  1. SiberForum

    SiberForum New Member

    Complex jobs, like a webhosting business have never been easy to perform. I know it would be really hard to get the stability for the business from the zero level.
  2. Mrelipz

    Mrelipz New Member

    its easy unless you have a good server
  3. kfgoraj

    kfgoraj New Member

    Any new business is hard first.
  4. colorhost

    colorhost Member

    It is very hard to start up. It took me atleast a year to get a growing base and become stable.

    all i can recommend, is to work hard at it and keep going...you will LOSE money for the first year or so. (depending on how your marketing)
    PrimeGalactic likes this.
  5. oniscorp

    oniscorp New Member

    Hard it is! There are a lot of different things involved. Choosing/writing your application system, deciding the best configuration for your users while balancing security and usability, dealing with all the support tickets that pop up, handling downtime, auditing accounts.... The list goes on and on.

    There is a lot of work involved, some that was not accounted for before we started, however it has proven to be a great learning experience and our entire team appreciates the experience and is eager to see what the future holds for Hostalope.
  6. TemplateSpin

    TemplateSpin New Member

    I agree with this. Just give your best and work hard for it.
  7. hostrangers

    hostrangers New Member

    I could not say it any better then that. I think running server and making the site is not hard but getting people to hit that site is what i am having a hard time in.
  8. InvictaWebs

    InvictaWebs New Member

    It is not hard making the web hosting but it is hard getting customers. How do you distinguish yourself from the competition? That is the hard part. Before you get into this business, DO YOUR RESEARCH. This means find out who your target client base is and find out what they want.
    CS Squad likes this.
  9. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    I would say, easy to start up, hard to sustain and grow it.
    Unless you spend enough time and the marketing work.
  10. zoomactive

    zoomactive New Member

    Not if you know what your doing. Hosting is simply a computer "server" in a data center. Obviously there is more to it than this. I would suggest using fully managed servers if your not a tech geek and when you get to the point to use a rack or cage in a data center to hire experts to manage it for you.
  11. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    I would say, "Learn Linux" instead of purchasing a fully managed server.
    Even if the hosting company owner is using a fully managed server, but when things happened, he will have no clue on what the hell is going on to the server.
    And when customers ask about it, he will not be able to answer anything constructive and people will losing trust on that host.
  12. ABM House

    ABM House New Member

    It isn't a tough job at all giving services to your clients .
  13. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    But it is a tough job to sustain your business and keep it running!
  14. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    For a host like you, who only survived only a few months old, I believe you do not even know how hard it is to make sure your company staying alive and compete in this industry.
  15. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Yeah, and exactly how long have you been around for?
  16. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    His host just started since May 2011.
  17. colorhost

    colorhost Member

    Ive been here since 2009 (Dont let the domain fool you, there is a whole story about the .net when we were just starting up) It is not easy to substain and keep yourself were you are in this market.
  18. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    Which is why we dispute what ABM House said.
    From what ABM House said, it can clearly see that he is still very new in this industry.
  19. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    I fully understand that. When I tell people that I've been around for over 10 years, they argue with me because the whois on deckerservices.com says the domain was registered in 06. But what they don't understand is that prior to "decker services", I used the domain deeplist.com, which was registered in 2000 and is now just a redirect. Then for two years prior to that, I was simply a reseller, I guess more of an affiliate really, between 98 and 00.
  20. katiekitty

    katiekitty New Member

    If it is as easy as what you say, then everyone can just start a hosting company and become rich.
    Have you forget that you need to maintain the servers, doing patching and other stuffs?
    Unless you are using some reseller hosting and not managing the servers youself, or else I don't see how easy it can be.

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