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Implications of using a host in the UK.


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Well as some of you may remeber I am planning on using a uk host openhosting.co.uk for some very basic hosting and email. The price is 5 sterling pounds per year(~10 Canadian) plus the domain. I remeber a while back the government in the UK was proposing a bill to allow monitoring of e-mail/webspace. I am wondering did this get passed and does it also effect users outside of the UK?

Does anyone know of any american/canadian hosts with similar packages(e-mail is the most important aspect) and prices that also allows the user to pay via cheque/money order?

Thanks for all the help guys

PostScript: As you may be able to tell from my questions this is my first domain(other then name zero) and I have many of questions thanks again.


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Its possible that this company is reselling for fasthosts.co.uk.

I believe that the e-mail interception act has been toned down a bit.

However, you have to ask yourself why every bit of Internet traffic in the UK goes through one datacentre:

The UK has never been very keen on letting its subjects communicate with each other or the outside world.
It took till 1981 for them to legalise CB radio (apparently for security reasons).

Paranoia, me, never!



From what i've been reading and what i've heard they are no longer going to be passing this law as it would conflict with other european laws which the uk fall into and would make it a pointless law.

Reading emails - If the goverenment opened your mail they would be breaking a european law i forget which one. Also as your not a UK citizen the laws would not affect you.