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I'm looking for some bachelor party ideas


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So I'm looking for some bachelor party ideas. The plan was gonna be camping / drinking, but that fell through due to schedules with out of town people. The party is this Saturday.

Two conditions here, unfortunately:

1. No strippers / strip clubs.
2. Most of us (10 people or so) are poor, so it's gonna be cheap (under $30 for the whole night).

The only thing we've got nailed down so far is lots of drinking. Other ideas we've been juggling around include:

- Gun range (might be too expensive with everything else thrown in, too)
- Drunk Laser Tag (or drunk putt-putt or drunk go-carts)
- Bar Hopping

We've got a whole day, so we can potentially fit in a lot. I guess the main constraint is money. Any other cheap ideas?
Get a gram of some mid-grade and twist up a j. Should be cheap as hell

Go stoned-drunk go-carts.

10 people ... ---- ... well, scratch weed unless others will throw down or none of you have a tolerance ...

Get some 40s and go roam around on foot. Or some black-label 211's. 30$ should get all of you drunk and belligerent that way. 24oz black label 211 cans here are $1. Drink enough of those and you'll wake up 2 days later with bloody knuckles, somebody else's wallet, and arrest warrants in 3 states. Same goes with MD 20/20.

Look for this at the gas station. Gotta be the black label. Silver is weak as hell.

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i recommend custom T-shirts for each person saying funny things, lots of tshirt sites out there for inspiration.

There's this great website that does really funny customized video invitations that speak your guests' names. Check it out!