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[IKOULA CLASSIC DEDIS offer] C-Storage, C-Memory, C-Core

Discussion in 'Web hosting offers' started by ikoula, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. ikoula

    ikoula New Member


    Beware, a few units of each one are in stock !

    C-Storage is optimized in disk space,
    C-Memory has 24 GB Ram
    C-Core has an Intel Core i7 3.40 GHz cpu

    Each server has a Gbit network (unmetered trafic) and a /64 ipv6

    C-Storage Specifications (15 pieces)
    -Intel Core i3 3.10 GHz processor
    -8 GB DDR3
    -2X2 TB Sata2
    -1 Gbit/s bandwidth
    -Localisation : France
    Price : 22.8$/month

    C-Memory Specifications (15 pieces)
    -Intel Core i5 3.10 GHz processor
    -24 GB DDR3
    -1 TB Sata2
    -1 Gbit/s bandwidth
    -Localisation : France
    Price : 22.8$/month

    C-Core Specifications (5 pieces)
    -Intel Core i7 3.40 GHz processor
    -16 GB DDR3
    -2X 500 GB Sata2
    -1 Gbit/s bandwidth
    -Localisation : France
    Price : 22.8$/month

    Choice of OS
    -VMware ESXi (on demand - via support ticket)
    -CentOS 7 64 bits
    -Debian 8 64 bits
    -Debian 9 64 bits
    -Ubuntu 18.04 64 bits

    Accepted methods of payments
    -Credit cards
    -Bank tranfer

    To order
    Go on [Dedicated servers page] and then click on the FAMILY CLASSIC button on the right of your screen

    Server administration
    -Customized reverse DNS
    -Customized secondary DNS
    -MX rescue
    -Rescue system tools are available on https://extranet.ikoula.com

    IP / Network
    -Extra IPv4 is charged 2.50$ / Month (limited to five).
    -Ipv6 available but not configured by default.
    -You can test our network at http://lg.ikoula.com/
    -DRAC / KVMoIP Not incluted, a KVM can be rent for 24h.


    Operating since 1998, we own two datacenters in France. More info here.

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