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Icontact-hosting.com GONE ?


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Icontact-hosting.net and .com GONE ?

heya guys,

i have a hosting with icontact-hosting.com which was excellent for few months.

i wonder what happen to them ? my domain, atomise.net (hosted there) and their main site are currently down..

anyone know what happen ?
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sorry, my fault

it should be icontact-hosting.net

it isn't working either.

all my atomise.net files are gone... it was gone on Jan 25th. the last time the server send my daily mysql db to me.

sometimes i just need a more trustable host.


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I am surprise that icontact-hosting.net is down, he's been around for a while. I hope he can sort this issue out.



Wow, it hasn't come back yet. :( Have you tried calling the phone number (or emailing the email address) in the WHOIS?


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Hi guys,

I know this is a little late in terms of an explanation but I thought I might shed some light on the situation regarding the status of icontact-hosting.

I can confirm that iContact-Hosting has terminated most of the free hosting accounts due to a decision to focus on the small but loyal paying customers we have that are locally based. We have however retained a few non-profit organizations and personal sites based on a simple reason that they have been with us since iContact-Hosting first started.

iContact-Hosting.Com and .Net have all been consolidated into one domain which is iContact-Hosting.Com.Au to further emphasize our presence as an Australian based host.

We hope that this decision is not seen as discriminatory attitude towards those that are not based in Australia, it is simply a move to further improve the level of support we provide our premium hosting customers.

I would like to thank those that have supported us since we first started offering free hosting, we may offer free hosting again in the future; perhaps under a different banner but I assure you FWN is the first place you will read about it.

To Jerome,

A backup of your site was created up until the cut off date and a link to your files was provided so your files did not go down the drain as you stated in your post. I wish you all the best, I understand you were only with us for a short period but during that time I hope you found our service satisfactory.



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thks icontact for your reply.

thanks again for addressing to this issue and yup, icontact-hosting indeed provided me a pleasant and good hosting in that short period of time.

i thank you for hosting me and urge if you guys need any host, icontact is a good choice.


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Gosh, I didn't get an email or I would have tried to copy my site. I do think I made a backup on disk somewhere. I understand their decision, just wish I would have known sooner they were making that decision. Great host, thank you for the free time you gave me.


yep would be nice if host were to give some notice so those on the server could download a back up of there sites.

But as is always the case "Keep a back up" of your site at all times.


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It is your responsiblity as a client to do back-ups in case something like that happens.
Maybe it is but I don't like to think that. Just think if a client has based up quite a popular forum and your host just terminates your account, how pissed would you be? I know I would, since it's happened to me before.


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Absolutely, it is understandable from both points of view though,

1. the client should make backups in case of an emergency
2. the host shouldn't shut off accounts without notice.