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i want buy a servers and need 253ips


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Why do you need So Many IP addresses ?
Even if you do , your budget should be in the range of $xxx , you'd also need to give justification for each ip address you take .
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The cheapest price per IP that I saw on the internet was 0,50$/month, but it can be as much as 2$/month. In conclusion 253 IP's is almost a full C class, so it will be pretty expensive.
But heh, if you can afford it, its ok.


Your best bet would be to skip these guys here and go straight to a datacenter and have them set up a dedicated server for you and route an entire C class subnet to your box. The IP's alone will probably cost you $250 or more. Then the cost of the server, you're probably looking at $350 per month, easily.


We can provide you this in our offshore Malaysia Asia DC5

Dual Core Intel Core i3 540

RAM 2 GB ECC Registered RAM DDR3
Hard Drive 2 x 500 GB SATA2
Bandwidth 1.5 TB/month
Dedicated Uplink Port 100 Mbps
Setup Fee $0
Monthly Fee $219
Datacenter Location Malaysia, Asia DC5

Processor Details

Processor Cores 2 cores
Processor Speed 3.06GHz
Processor Core Name Clarkdale
Processor L1 Cache
Processor L2 Cache 4MB
Processor HT Speed 2.5 GT/s

253 IP's with a premium private network: $700/month

Total Fee: $219 + $700 = $919/month

You can visit our offshore servers here: http://www.litservers.com/offshoreservers.html

99.9% uptime SLA: http://www.litservers.com/sla.html


We might able to provide you what you need. Please send us detailed information at sales[at]ajkservers.co.uk , thank you


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We can actually provide with you with the IPs at 0.50 cents an IP. However, we will need justification for everyone your looking for. IPv6 is probably your best bet in terms of availability although if we get enough advanced warning we could locate an IPv4 block, again if your able to provide proper justification.

Our VPS prices are listed: www.bigscoots.com/vps

You did not provide any specific VPS resource information, additionally you did not state if you wanted a VPS or a dedicated. I might suggest to open a live chat and speak with us to iron out the details.

Good luck in your hunt!


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BigScoots, aren't you the one who provided servers to Technihost, and they went down ?
No we didn't "go down" nor do I recall Technihost as a client. Although I'm not sure how this is relevant to this thread. If someone is interested in our uptime they could just ask -- My response would be %99.99 up time to date.

The Crasher

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i can offer you the ip's you ask

server = I7(920) with 2TB hd ( in raid) and 8GB ram
ip adresses = 256 (ripe block)

price = 800$ first time , then 220$ every month

580$ is the setup price of the ip's , it is a single cost and they get assigned to your server
but i need justification for each ip address

Greets From PowerChaos


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Interesting. Well he chose to use a different name when he signed up. Additionally he did not experience any downtime other then a result of his own doing. If he cares to contact us to discuss what he believes to be down time then that would be fantastic so we can resolve any issues he feels may have come to light. However at this time third parties discussing downtime is not appropriate given the lack of understanding. Will update again if he chooses to get in contact with us given hes banned from these forums.