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How to use two domains on one host?


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If I have a long domain name e.g. somedomain.com and short one e.g. my.com. My real address is somedomain.com. So, can I start redirection service using my.com on the same host? Am I enough specific? I hope so...

N.B. Some FWP use the same technique.
Yes, You will need a host with a static ip todo this though. A basic redirection script like lightning redirect will work. Your host may charge you an extra dollar or two to point the second domain at your account though.
You also need to make sure that you hosts allows you to have wildcards and they might charge you a one time setup fee to enable wildcards. Wildcards simply means if I goto http://lala.yourdomain.com it goes to yourdomain.com. Or anything.yourdomain.com goes to yourdomain.com. Confusing? LOL.
Originally posted by Technics
http://www.tera-byte.com would be a good host to use as wildcards are enabled there.

What use can be made of wildcards?
I am hosted by Tera-byte and a wildcard like anyname.mydomain.com just opens up my main index page. Is it possible to have a script recognize the wildcard and open up a seperate index page located at say mydomain.com/anyname?

If so can you suggest a script?
LOL! It's really confusing...

Hi guys,

I see that either I was no so specific or we are talking about diferent things. The main thing I was asking about is posibility to have a diferent domain on the same host. The main stress is that you use adress mydomain.com to access my site where I have a redirection service ( lets say you can choose xxx.my.com or yyyewwe.my.com or whatever subdomain) but if user call http://www.my.com it will access http://www.mydomain.com. So, what's the solution?

Regards - muchio (on irc.omnitel.net)

Besides there is another good redirection script http://www.ericscgi.com =)