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How to save for your business


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Hi guys! If you are doing a business online, just wanna know how you can save on time and resources while still making your business grow. Any suggestion?


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If you don't have time to put into a business, you shouldn't be running one. Legitimate businesses require time and effort.

In any event, what ways are you looking to save time and resources? What is currently occupying your time and resources with the business?


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In your case we can't say as we don't know what your expending your time and resources on.


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You really shouldn't be "saving for" your business other than in the case where you are planning on starting a new business and need money to buy equipment for it or something along those lines.

A real working business is dynamic, and is doomed to failure if it is dependent on a finite savings as it's entire income until it yields a profit. Because it will inevitably take longer than you expect to turn a profit with it, running you out of money and making it get shut down.

To really start a business you instead need a stable steady income that you can count on in order to fund your business until it is established enough to make money on it's own, and the only savings you should use at all in the process is for investments like hardware and licensing that will stay with you year to year.

Simply put, to start a business you first need to get a job.

Working for somebody else for a time will get you the money you need to establish your own business.
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If you want to get some really good advice then you should provide more details about what business you're interested in.


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Outsource those works which is not important or can done by other parties and save your time .
You may think it costly but aren't you think that the time you save, you may use it to do about others which help you to earn more money.
Every marketing plans must analyse, plan and forecast carefully so it won't waste your resource. All online marketing able to track and estimate , take the advantages while it not the same like offline which you unable to track the effect.


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What type of online business you are talking about?It depends on the online stuff you are carrying out.First you need to make a business strategy.You need to carry out all your works according to your plan or schedule.If you want to make good earnings then you have to devote your time to the work.You can outsource some work to others that is less important or can be performed by others as well.This will save some of your time.


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Analyze everything, there are always other options that could save you money (which adds up, no matter how small) which you can use to further extend your business. That's a good tip I've learned over the years.

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People always have the wrong mindset where they thought if they want to earn more, they have to spend more.
This kind of mindset will actually lead to fatal results.
Example, some people thinks that using the unbranded version of WHMCS will bring them better reputation, and people will not know that they are not using their own inhouse billing system.
But then again, think twice. Even if the branding was removed, people will still know that it is WHMCS. Even if people who know nothing about WHMCS, but as long as they search for a hosting billing system in Google, WHMCS is the 1st that come out. You will not be able to hide it.
Furthermore, who give a damn about you paid more expensive for your WHMCS or not? All they care is just are you using a legit copy of WHMCS or not, not how much extra you pay to remove to branding.
As long as it works for them when they make payment, it is good enough for them.


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The secret is - put the priorities on what you do. The one thing you have to do now - the other tomorrow. The one is urgent, the other is not too much... If you do this, you'll always save some time!