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How to get IPs out of blackist


I am planing to order a dedicated server, but I checked the ip is in blackist, can i find out way to get ip out of blacklist?


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Depends on what blacklist it is. Each blacklist usually lists a means for removal. You would have to do each one manually. Of course, some portion of the larger IP block might be blacklisted, in which case there is nothing you can do personally. That would be up to your provider to get the entire block off the blacklist. Some providers harbor spammers, so that might be an impossibility.

There are two problems here:

1) You know what IP you're getting on your server before you even order? That's bizarre.
2) You should request a clean set of IPs from your provider so you don't have to worry about being blacklisted. This is something your provider should do. They should not be giving you a blacklisted IP.


Hi :)

To get your IP out of a blacklist you should find out the reason as to why your IP was blacklisted and try to fix the issues on your end before contacting the site that has the blacklist and proceeding with their instructions.

But seeing as this is not an IP that you already have used, the best option is for you to contact your service provider.

Hope this helped.

Cain Brendon

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Firstly it depends on the blacklist center where it has been noted,you need to visit the respective website and apply for removal of blacklist,
but before that there would be a link provided regarding regarding the reason it was blacklisted,it is your duty to remove the reported content from the website. and then get back to the blacklist center stating that the reported content has been removed kindly Unblock the Ip.


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You need to check the reason for which your Ip was blacklisted then based on the report you are asked to remove the content which caused your Ip to be Blacklisted.
Once you are done with the removal of content then you have to visit the respective Black List center and manually request to De-List the Ip stating that the content has been removed.