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How much disk space and bandwidth do I need for hosting my web site?

If your website is a new one, you probably will have not much visitors. So you can start with even like 100Mb of disk space and 1000Mb of data transfer monthly.
Most of the website scripts (websites) takes up to 20mb of disk space. One optimised image is around 0,05 Mb
100MB is enough for html based site without any large image.

Forum- 5GB for normal forum
Blog - 500MB (small)
It depends on the size of your website and also on the traffic that you are having for your website. You can start from smaller space like 10GB and it can vary depending on your website data.
The amount of disc space needed depends also on the type of website. When calculating your needs, take into consideration the type and size of your website, consider that individual pages are constantly growing and that images contribute this growth considerably.
It all depends upon what type of website you are going to make live. If you have an ecommerce site then i would recommend you to pick up dedicated hosting package and for personal blog/portfolio type sites, you can go live with basic shared hosting plan.
It depends, if you want to hear a clera answer you should also describe what kind of content you are going to publish there - videos? Many images? Only static text? Is it ecommerce site? Also, when talking about bandwidth, if you could tell how many visitors per day you have - I could give you a suggestion on this matter.
On the off chance that your normal page size is 50 KB, you can put around 20 pages on 1 Mb of space. In the event that you have 100 MB of circle space, you can have 200 pages.
Transmission capacity is the measure of information you are permitted to exchange to and from your web server every month. This incorporates all transfers and downloads, both HTTP and FTP. Data transmission relies on upon your site page measure, and also the quantity of guests to your site and the quantity of pages they visit.
For a normal page size of 50 KB, 20,000 guests for every month, and 5 pages for each guest your site will require around 5000 MB, or 5 GB, of transmission capacity every month. Take note of that 20,000 guests for each month likens to around 667 guests for every day. This is a number even most substantial sites can't accomplish.
you can start with Shared hosting package ,if the traffic increase required more bandwidth you can switch to VPS
Hi chandanshivebharti,
I agree, it depends on what type of site you wish to start, if you will have many images or videos, etc. If it's something small with some info and pictures that are not too big, then you should be able to start with a shared hosting plan, as you grow and get more visits and need more space you can always upgrade to a higher shared plan or to a VPS, Dedicated or whatever you prefer.
If you are newbie to hosting your site then go for basic hosting type,as the traffic increases or number of visitors increase then you can switch to VPS hosting or any other advanced hosting type like dedicated hosting.
It is depends on what kind of website you want to host and how much traffic you will be having on the website. I would like to go with smaller package later you can upgrade your resources as per your need.
How long has the web host been in business? Have they changed management/ ownership in that time or, more importantly, recently?
Hi :)

It depends on how much traffic you're expecting on your website, all the graphics and elements you will have on your website etc. However it is advisable to opt for a little more bandwidth than you will need right now so that you won't have many inconveniences when the site traffic grows. For e-commerce websites it's good to opt for more bandwidth and better performance than hosting blogs etc.

Hope that helped.
Without knowing what type of website you want to host, it's difficult to determine how much space and bandwidth you'll need.

But at the initial stage, shared hosting is enough for you if you don't need more resources and space.