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How Dangerous of a Driver Are You?


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You scored a 42% (C)! Your driving level is: average risk
I speed a lot but my GPS warns me when there are speed cameras near by so I slow down then, and I have been driving in the Melbourne CBD for a while now to get to work everyday and it is usually very hectic but I have managed stay out of trouble and I have never had an accident that was my fault.


It gets better.
You scored a 74% (B)! Your driving level is: a little risk

I don't drive full time or have a driving license, or even a car... So I got more risky because I've only drived like 1-2 hours a week, if that, whenever the last time that was.


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You scored a 51% (C)! Your driving level is: average risk

THe worst things I do is tailgate drivers going slow and talking/texting on phones 24/7
Sometimes I scare ppl coz I end up on the wrong side of teh road while playing with my phone, but I do know wtf I am doing to a extent, been driving like that for 4 years without a problem, just lose my license alot for speeding as well.

Funny enough though, if my kid is in the car I am a totally different driver.


Sup, Recoil here.
You scored a 45% (C)! Your driving level is: average risk

Does a lower score mean more dangerous?

I think it's mainly because I always speed :p


46%. Probably be...worse, whichever it is, higher or lower, if I drove more, but I rarely drive now that I'm at school.


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You scored a 37% (D)! Your driving level is: risky

Although I've only had one major accident and no other cars were involved. One fender bender when I was trying to squeeze past a car into another lane. Been driving on roads since I was 12 ... 19 now.

My car is like another an extension of my body, so I rarely make mistakes or miscalculations when I'm driving.
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