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How can I make money from my free hosting site?


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Please tell me some good ways to make money from my free web hosting site?
Do you know about a great advertising site especially for free hosting?

Please reply, post comments.
Do you know other good Advertising site?

Do you know other advertising sites other than google which is appropriate for free hosting site?
Please reply.
I've been getting decent results with Adsense, but they have gotten very picky about what content they allow lately and some of my client sites got caught in a gray area that Google decided against supporting.

Although the Adbrite account that is now covering those accounts looks like it's actually going to pay out before Google does.

Regardless of what ads you use though, don't expect regular checks from them unless you have bulk traffic to cash in on- a site generating nearly 15,000 page views a day still takes several months to build up a payout threshold on most networks, although adbrite lets you lower said threshold some it still takes at least 3 months to get paid even with high traffic sites.

Of course this isn't a big deal for a host, just find more sites and pool all that traffic together to make a steady income.
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It depends on which direction you'd like to take it; competitive pressure plays a big role. There are several potential revenue models, however:

1. Ads on user pages - this is the most common monetization model for free hosting and it is rather uncompetitive. Not really a great way to go anymore unless you're looking at something like pop-unders (which are still a huge irritation to your users).

2. Surveys on signup - you could require your users to complete surveys through a company like MONETIZEdigital (used to be called CPALead). You could also look at an adver-captcha like what is offered by Solvemedia. A good way to make money, but it is a turnoff to users so you will lose some signups.

3. In-panel ads/sponsorships - if you have a very large user base, this can be great. You need a lot of traffic in your control panel to really attract any advertisers, though.

4. Email advertisements - as long as you appropriately address this within your TOS, you can send email advertisements to your users. Again, you need a large userbase first in order to attract advertisers.

5. Paid hosting - you can offer paid hosting upgrades yourself or partner with someone like FatCow and offer paid plans thrrough affiliate programs.

This was off the top of my head - hope it helps.