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how can i get a free .edu email id ??

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by blueonline, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. blueonline

    blueonline New Member

    I need a email id which ends in .edu
    can any one help. :) :) :) :) :)
  2. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    Buy a school or university? Become employed at a school or university?
  3. aju

    aju Active Member

    ahhh so you need a .edu email id...right...yesterday i happened to see a website which provides free reseller accounts to students...and the only requirement they have is to send the application from a .edu email address...
  4. ExpertWebHost

    ExpertWebHost Active Member

    Probably he is trying to cheat somebody with his email..
  5. jmiller

    jmiller tripcode NLC


    I can just imagine the registration fee for a .edu...
  6. What website do you get the free reseller? The .edu email is easy to find. I'm using one for onesite (free domain for students!)
  7. college-student

    college-student New Member



    dang! the uni i've just transferred to does offer .edu email ids except it doesn't end with .edu, its got it in the middle (ucb.edu.bh) but my uni in canada doesn't even offer the .edu its @stfx.ca

    :D - and i don't feel safe sending off my personal details such as my school documents to drivers license to a domain registrar - i understand that they do it as a verification check - but no thanks - thats just me ;)

    so blueonline, did u find a .edu email services provider?
  8. TravisL

    TravisL New Member

    .edu email services provider...hah...good luck. Those are reserved for educational programs only.

    Good luck trying to get one though...pssh.
  9. blueonline

    blueonline New Member

    nah not yet :( ya i need the email id to register a domain :)
  10. college-student

    college-student New Member

    maybe u can ask one of your friends studying in either canada or the us to help you out with that one. ;)
  11. blueonline

    blueonline New Member

    aint got any friends in US or canada :(
  12. college-student

    college-student New Member

    well go make some then and hopefully after abt 2 months or so someone might help you out. Friendship is the key to getting your free edu id and domain name here :D
  13. mpjmcevoy

    mpjmcevoy New Member

  14. ExpertWebHost

    ExpertWebHost Active Member

    "Due to inappropriate use of this email service by persons based overseas registration of new accounts has been suspended."

    This is what u get there! Even though we can easily cheat them using different methods(!), dont do it.

  15. college-student

    college-student New Member

    LOL Baggy :D & nice sig you got there :p
    Last edited: May 10, 2005
  16. aggiedude

    aggiedude New Member

    Good point, I am a student but cheating them out just isnt' gonna work and a free domain aint worth sending my ID in I can afford to pay the 8 dollars a year (and less) I just dont have a paypal etc bc I am too young. But it aint taht big of adeal.
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