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Hotmail = 5gb ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Wojtek, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Wojtek

    Wojtek W as in Whisky NLC

    I just noticed my hotmail says "Mailbox usage: 1% of 5 GB"

    When did they upgrade to 5gb?
  2. notnamed

    notnamed /fws/ NLC

  3. Blank Verse

    Blank Verse NLC NLC

    When it was only 2, I still wasn't even close to having it fill up.

    Guess I'm not popular.

    Not 5 gig popular anyway.
  4. stuffradio

    stuffradio Super Moderator#1 NLC

    I'm sorry Blanky, if you give me your email address I'll be sure to sign you up for lots of spam! What are friends for anyways? :p
  5. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    Still doesn't beat gmail IMO.
  6. LeX

    LeX ლ(╹◡╹ლ) NLC

    I noticed that the quota bar for yahoo mail has vanished.
  7. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2007
  8. FeediaCo

    FeediaCo Active Member

    gmail all the way hardly any ads "adsense is appropriate" but it loads fast and i think google should get into web hosting at that
  9. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member NLC

    Last I knew Hotmail was 2MB... can you tell I don't use it? :lol:
  10. stuffradio

    stuffradio Super Moderator#1 NLC

    Of course I can tell Bruce :)

    I get 50 GB of space, it comes with my web hosting :lol:
  11. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    Yea, but it's not up all the time is it?
  12. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    About as often as me by the sounds of it - logged in just to see and spotted this

    :eek3: wondered what the hell was happening at first
  13. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    haha, same here.
  14. utcrazy

    utcrazy Wo ist mein handy NLC

    They will still never be able to compete with the simplicity of Gmail. They automatically upgraded me to the new windows live Hotmail, and now it takes too long to load. I think the developers at Microsoft need to take a note from Steve Ballmer. (Developers developers developers developers)

    (2000th post, WOOT!)
  15. DavidsAwesome

    DavidsAwesome Wait, What? NLC

    Gmail kicks butt because of its simplicity, its fast page loads, and IMO, its lack of stupidity.

    Back when I would monitor the mail queue for the company I worked for, I would always notice how the only gmail emails that failed were ones to addresses that didn't exist. Yahoo had issues delivering, as did MSN/Hotmail.

    PS- inbox.com is nice too :)
  16. stuffradio

    stuffradio Super Moderator#1 NLC

    Yeah??? It's only gone down like once in the last year, maybe 2 times at the most in the last 2 years
  17. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    How much space have you used purely by email, stuff?
  18. Kwek

    Kwek Devious Deviant NLC

    I don't use Hotmail and probably never will.
  19. Blank Verse

    Blank Verse NLC NLC

    I miss the days of G-mail beta and people needing invites to be able to use it. I had a lot of fun witht he people here looking for invites.
  20. notnamed

    notnamed /fws/ NLC

    Damn skippy. I got to be Pope of the country some guy set up in his bedroom for a Gmail invite. gmailswap.com ftw.

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