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This is what they sent me in the newsletter:

Our main web server was down twice this past week totaling approx 2 1/2 - 3 hours. We realize this is unacceptable, and are working to make sure it does not happen again. We have found the problem, and have taken measures to make sure it does not happen again. What was happening, was when people were setting up java servlets on their account, and then deciding they didnt want to use them, they were not removing them properly. They are a relativly fragile thing, and were causing server wide problems. We have disabled java servlets on all accounts for the time being.
HostRocket have more than one server but currently only have one box at alabanza. Brendan the owner has stated they will be getting a few more boxes at alabanza soon. But they are currently testing the servers at vdi. i have seen their control panel and it looks very neat and tidy. If i am correct they will be putting the vdi servers in action today or by monday latest.

i never saw the attraction in java servlets anyway so i will not miss them :).
Well maybe its because they have such a large client base. Might also be that they are prepared to take a risk and hope they will get lots more customers.
You have to do *something* to stand out in the Alabanza crowd on the boards :) Low prices seems to be their hook I suppose. I've looked at the site once, but not lately...
They have low priced packages and fast technical support. The servers are very stable like all alabanza servers. Guess that sells its self.

All i have to say is that..
No one can beat hostrocket for there technical support..
They always reply ASAP. so they had problems, so does ever
other company.

Name me a company who has never had problems..
I'm seriously consider hostrocket..

I mean.. they've got KICK-BUTT features.. and for just $3 dollars more than my last pathetic webhost.

Allow me to vent:

For the record, I would like to state reasons for cancelling my account with hostsave.

1. For a problem I mailed to you one week ago, I have only received a personal response today, after a week's time.
Can you imagine waiting for 1 week for anyone to answer a question which could be answered in 10 minutes or less. No thank you. I was, however, able to receive 4 or 5 automatically generated responses which have had nothing at all to do with my problem. I still have a copy of the e-mail sent, and the non sequitur response for your reference.

2. My site went down for 24 hrs yesterday without any apparent reason. I could not resolve the IP address for the site, could not send mail to the pop3 accounts, could not log-in to the ftp server. I appreciate the fact that it was checked, but not at the time it was down. Again, your timely response was needed, and the time to have done something has long since past.

3. You do not even have a contact telelphone # at which to reach you. I sent an e-mail to support@hostsave.com
specifically asking for nothing else aside from the contact #, and an e-mail was returned apologizing for the delay of the response, how the servers were down, but in the end, still failed to provide a contact #. It only proved again that HostSave does not have the answers to my questions, but rather provides answers that are entirely unrelated to my questions. And now you admit that your company does not have a phone #. Being an internet company does not mean you sever all other previous technology like the telephone. How can you expect to be a legitimate business without a phone line?

4. I have found other hosts at more affordable prices, who at least are kind enough to put their contact telephone #'s on their website, and provide better service.


Thank you.

This is the 4th letter I have e-mailed to the billing department, and my billing has not yet been cancelled.

Remark: Hostsave has since cancelled my account (without informing me of course - I had to ask for a formal letter of cancellation.)

I'm looking for a new webhost now. I'm considering Hostrocket.com, fatcow.com, and your-site.com. Any feedback?