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Hosting Requirements For Gpt Forum?

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by fantastico, May 15, 2006.

  1. fantastico

    fantastico New Member

    Hi, can someone tell me:

    I intend to open GPT forum (GetPaidTo...), 1000 members, 50 posts/day.
    If someone have experience with running a forum...please instruct me:
    -What do I need? Space, Bdwth, Features?
    -Knowledge..except HTML...khm...?
    -Hosting suggestion?

    I want:
    -Free service.
    -MySQL, Fantastico, cPanel, mail, FTP upload.
    -Domain hosting.
  2. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    If you want to have 1000 members, find yourself a VPS (Paid) because;

    1) The host wont be able to handle you
    2) You will use ALOT of bandwidth up, about 30GB/month
    3) It will be slow...
  3. fantastico

    fantastico New Member

  4. Dini

    Dini Blitzkrieg Bopin' NLC

    It's the 1000 users thing that is going to make it slow. Ypu can have 568489395867 GB Bandwidth, but a server has limits for shared accounts (speccially free ones)
  5. fantastico

    fantastico New Member

    O.K., 1000 members, but only 50 at the same time online. Still slow?
    Any experience with fast free hosting anyway.
    A link from the head..?
  6. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    Fast free hosts? Hmmm... Ones that have just opened. You don't get "fast" free hosting, they oversell to the max, meaning your account is slow.

    And also, 50 users on at the same time? Holy sh*t, you WILL need a VPS for that! Free Shared hosting just wont cut it, you will get the "Cannot Connect to Database" error every 30 seconds!

    Unfortunatly, Free Hosting has it's limits, and i'm not talking about Bandwidth and Diskspace, i'm talking about speed and power. If you host a message board of that size on a free hosting account, you will suck their speed and power dry, and depending on how well the host knows the server, they will suspend your account or bump you up too ads and popups to cover the cost you are draining.

    If the host is on a reseller account, watch out also, because hosting a forum that busy on a reseller account will get the owner of the server quite worryed about the CPU usage of there account :p they may even suspend your account and it's out of control of your host.
    Last edited: May 15, 2006
  7. X3r0X

    X3r0X New Member

    Erm, speak for yourself. Alot dont oversell, including myself, and it's quite annoying to hear that you automatically put us all in the one basket.
  8. fantastico

    fantastico New Member

    I'm still here. If you find me annoying, you are free to direct me to some newbie place...But until then:

    What features of free or paid hosting should I look for to find a "fast" hosting. Can this be seen from an hosting offer?

    Well it has to be free on the start (until reach let's say 20 users online at the same time).

    What are main differences between a
    "phpBB forum"
    and "Simple machine forum software"
    -good-bad sides of each
    - easy-heawy-slow-fast difference

    I know...google...only asking for experience - in short...
  9. niyogi

    niyogi New Member

    I would stay away from phpBB and lean towards SMF which I believe is a superior database. In addition to that, note that even a VPS may not be able to handle your traffic and that a semi-dedicated server would serve your purpose as well.

    Just a few thoughts...

  10. fantastico

    fantastico New Member

    I appreciate all your thoughts. You just all tell me: this...hosting will not be enough...So I have to think about dedicated hosting?

    I've already started to build design, folders...on above mentioned Simple Machine Forum free hosting. 1 user so far, all goes smooth :)

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