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hostd8.com AGAIN!


Officially Old!
Seems they have gone again, taking a VPS down with all clients and data, no ticket responses, yada yada...

Anyone heard anything - hopefully?
For what it's worth, they still haven't charged on any of the invoices. They just keep crediting them. LOL!!

It looks like their site is up, but the billing system is throwing a database error. Gosh, what a mess.
Yeh I get the invoices and paid statements but no response from support in 2 1/2 days for a VPS down, sheesh, if I'd been paying I'd be going mental :D

Just would have to happen when I finally get some time to do some work lol...
Be quiet woman and iron those shirts :p

Oh and it's still down, had to raise a sales ticket to get any response.

Latest - is my ssh port 22?
Won't matter, servers down!!! Sheesh, bloody amateurs.

So soddem...
This gets better, they can't find the VPS...
Just the latest bits from the ticket;

Joe baxter
Staff 11/21/2011 16:56

is your ssh port set to 22 or another port

Client 11/21/2011 18:19
Which SSH port? One of my machines, VPS?

If it's the VPS then it's at default, so port 22.

Good luck accessing it though as it's been unreachable for days.

Client 11/22/2011 12:17
Still nothing then?

At least restore Virtpanel access and I'll do it myself.

Client 11/22/2011 14:46
Can someone please check the support ticket queue, and respond...

Joe baxter
Staff 11/22/2011 15:07

Your user account has been recreated and set up machine is there but blank

Client 11/22/2011 15:20
BLANK - I hope I read that wrong.

And not much chance of me getting in without the recreated login details.

Joe baxter
Staff 11/22/2011 15:34

The login info is eat was stored in your account

********** and the old password

Yes blank we had to recreate your account the issue is you control panel login has not been active for weeks that is several weeks we are trying to locate the vps info and database once we do we will be able to bring it back on line. As we said and you requested we recreated your login account and had to put a vps up there to ensure. The system did not purge you account since it would not have had a vps there

Client 11/22/2011 15:43
Virtpanel hasn't been logged into as it was not necessary, are you saying we must login or the VPS simply dissapears?

A blank VPS is useless, the time taken to recreate everything would obviously be wasted 'IF' you can reinstate the one you have 'lost'.

We need a timescale and explanation for this, a proper one.

And the latest - they've decided to just bail out, and apparently it's been free since January, first I knew about that...

Joe baxter
Staff 11/22/2011 16:22
No! what has happened is your VPS became disassociated with your user account once that happened the system seen your username as not having a service and after 15 days deleted your username. the vps was still running up until the day you submitted your first ticket. no it has shut down and as i mentioned we are trying to find it once we are able to locate it we will reassociate it with your account and reboot it.

Client 11/22/2011 16:28
The question is still how long will this take?

Already almost a week, this is not acceptable downtime, and why in the name of all that's sane would the system delete a user after 15 days.

Joe baxter
Staff 11/22/2011 16:35

We can not gaurentee a time that it will be fixed by now that we know the cause it will make it easier to fina resolution. I hope to have it resolved today into the begining of tomorrow. But as i said that is not a gaurentee. you are more then welcome to start uploading your backupps to the new vps if you think this would be quicker.

as to the deleting a user after 15 days do you have any idea how many old accounts there would be if the system did not purge its self after a period of time. it would be unmanageable.

Client 11/22/2011 16:45
So in short, it takes you at least a week to restore an account deleted by your 'system' and that is because you have so many 'old accounts' you can't manage them.

Poor doesn't even start to describe that explanation, unless your saying your customers are leaving by their thousands.

Get the VPS up so we can remove our data, then we will be in touch.


Joe baxter
Staff 11/22/2011 16:59

Actually after that response we are deciding to terminate your account. you have been riding on a free account since january have not paid hostd8 a single penny never had an issue untill the month it comes to pay and all the sudden your vps dissapears and then the account is closed due to an inactive account. you can take and twist what we have setup to sound like what you want. this does not excuse your lack of preperation and planning to back up your information and being prepared for a disaster recovery. You know as well as we do software is unreliable and things happen that is why you should always have backups.

at this point all techs have been pulled off recovering your VPS and your account is being closed as you read this no further comunication will be passed. thank you and good luck in all you do.
He is forgetting that it WAS paid for. It was paid for using the credits they themselves put on the account. ROFL! I love it.
I got a shared hosting account with them, was with Kerplunc Hosting before they bought Kerplunc Shared Hosting :D It's still working fine...
Hope you don't get one of these then :)

Joe baxter
Staff 11/22/2011 22:46

As per our terms and conditions your service can be canceled and terminated at any momnet. also per the terms any legal action you take and cost we endure to this fact will have to be covered by you. eg. Lawyers, court cost travel. as per the VPS is has been destroyed and due to terms and conditions you agreeded to then we do not have to put this information out for any type of download.

Thnak you

Badly spelled, bad grammar and no idea that TOS doesn't include incompetence and failure to be capable to provide what is advertised :lol:

So 'Joe' has a strop and your VPS gets deleted, he found it really quick after taking a week to 'not' find it :rolleyes2
Think he's proved that all by himself :biggrin2:

Another day or so and he'll find out how much of an idiot :wink2:
Interesting, Coming from there website...it doesn't look professional.

I even submitted a ticket for fun to test when they would reply, its been over a couple hours now.
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