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Hi,I am a newer.


New Member
I am a college student from China,and I like make friends.
But my English is very poor,don't laught me ,please.Thank you!


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Now for the debate regarding whether steel or wooden furniture is better for eating...
Steel furniture has lots of iron and other minerals, which is good for your body, but wooden furniture has lots of fiber, which is good for digestion.
Plastic furniture, on the other hand, is lower in calories but contains a lot of artificial ingredients.
I personally think wooden furniture is the way to go because if you work things out just exactly right, you'll be left with a handy toothpick to get the odd bits and pieces out of your teeth.


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Welcome to FreeWebspace.net swanol! Some people will make fun of just about anything you write here so don't mind the jokes, it's nothing personal. If you want help with something just post it and it's likely someone will be able to help you out. We have a few Chinese members here, so no problem if your english isn't perfect, but please post in english as we don't allow Chinese language here.

To regulars: Please try to be nice to new members as long as they don't post ads, ok? Thanks.


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I was being nice to swanol, it was nightcrawler's making fun of Phyxisus making fun of swanol I was making fun of (in a fashion) and they're not new members so they don't count.
Besides, I'm usually nice to everybody. Just prone to severe irreverance an an occasional non-sequitur.


How about you all just be quiet and stick to the topic, WOW - theres an idea!!

Welcome swanol.


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Dont take it to mind

Dont take it for you, swanol. It's just the comedy part of me and dont mind i sometimes post such replies and dont take them seriously. Anyway, Welcome to the forum and dont mind about the english.

Any way,Rick it will be great if you apply for the Guiness book of world records. You may get the record of a man eating Wood,Plastic,Iron,Fiber ............................:chinese2:


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Look at all the people. They are all nice. This is a great community with "love" LOL!

Well, actually it is.

I am Chinese too. Just living in US. Nice to meet you.