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Hi Chris,

I like FWS because it is possible to learn new things and have a good time simultaneously :classic2:
Watch out for our Bull Mastif, tandoc, he bites..

speaking of which, tandoc... you don't give enough people crap anymore, what's gotten into you, becoming a Snag?
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Wooooooooo.... Someone has a crush, hehe..

Nah, I agree with you...

When it becomes time for a new mod, I wanna nominate him. He is kinda like Robert, but younger. Robert was known for blasting people, but only when they deserved it, it's the same with tandoc.

Behind the forum bully facade, our kid is a great asset. I like the forum bully facade still!
I read hello as the topic title and clicked. But as i read through i thought i had been redirected to some other topic and actually went up to see whether i am inrt topic or not. is this flame war or something? lol. is that allowed here, flame war? i am very good at it. dunno where i got those nasty words, i can hurt people when i joke :(

hello chris. did i hurt u?
hehe, you are gonna be good for the community. wait till you are an established member before you start flaming newbies though.
I liked tandoc's previous avatar of a guy in camouflauge spinning around. That's how I'll always remember tandoc.
tandoc is a personality that will get me to read a sub-forum topic I hadn't planned on reading :biggrin2:

I just recently became aware of Robert after he became a moderator.

My avatar says I joined in 2003, but I've been using this board for a long time. I used to just read the freewebspace offers; it took me a while to "officially" join.
i dont have any plans to flame the newbies. i am after the vampires out here. lol. but friends, at no point take me serious. i will be joking. lol.
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aaditya said:
i dont have any plans to flame he newbies. i am after the vampires out here. lol. but friends, at no point take me serious. i will be joking. lol.

You are after the vampires? Did you know that I am a previous Vampire Queen of the Week? May 9, 1999
Oops. I changed my mind. I thought vampires were nice. u scared me.

I am not after vampires anymore. Hu narrow escape, wasn't it?