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If a site of mine gets hacked if I have a chat log of someone threatening to hack it can I do something about it? I haven't gotten hacked yet but someone threatened to hack my friends server, and I have a log of it. Should I wait and if it gets hacked report it somewhere, or what should I do?
Like a1whs said, you can't really do a whole lot. Try to get their IP address, and secure your friends website/server. If they try to attack and fail, copy their IP address and send it down to the FBI (I believe they handle this?).

Hope your server stays intact.
Well, send all evidence you have the people at: http://www.ic3.gov/

Leave details of how to contact you and they normaly reply within 24 hours on what they can do, and the best cource of action for you.
^^ Good site to know about, will need to note that in my head for future internet related problems with fraud.

It's most likly childish banter though, these self proclaimed hackers are probably nothing more than script kiddies that cannot do a thing to his server. It would appear to be all that it is, threats. There is a chance they know what they are doing though. :)
Well monitor your internet activity and try to send this hacker a file. If he accepts boom boom you will have his ip. Unless he is tricking you with that.