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Google, Adbrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, YPN. Which one?

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by astounding, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. astounding

    astounding New Member


    I'm wondering which is the best one in terms of biggest pay per click?

    Has anyone done tests or comparisons on a typical hobby site (non business related).

  2. fortify

    fortify New Member

    I would say google is the best with my site
  3. astounding

    astounding New Member

    Yea well it seems that Google is still best.

    But say google adsense didn't exist, which would best be after it?
  4. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    If google adsense didn't exist, the other clones wouldn't either ;)
  5. hari123

    hari123 New Member

    I think Adbrite is the best.
  6. LittlBUGer

    LittlBUGer New Member

    I use Google and AdBrite and Google is by far the best. :)
  7. paidtoreview

    paidtoreview New Member

    I was banned from Google, anyone recommend another similiar program or do none of the others really compare to Google?

    Thanks for any help
  8. rabm2k7

    rabm2k7 New Member

    paid 2 promote was good before it went offline

    adsense is by far the best
  9. AMC

    AMC serial slacker NLC

    That isnt helpful, :D I personally only have experience of bidvertiser and adbrite, though some say clicksor is good too
  10. guia

    guia New Member

    Google is the best
  11. happymoney

    happymoney New Member

    I use google, bidvertiser and adbrite. My site is quite new so none of them has made money. So I don't really know which is best, but there are some advantage which make little difference between programs.

    I think bidvertiser is easier to modify than adbrite and you can select does money come in check or to your paypal account. I really like that change to get money on paypal.

    Best in adbrite is that it kinda tells how valuable your site is. There is different ad prices in program and I like to see how much is my sites adversary value.
  12. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    If you don't want to lose your google account, I would suggest you remove the other contextual ads from your site. Haven't you read their TOS?
  13. happymoney

    happymoney New Member

    I have read TOS, but there was little misunderstanding. Thanks for warning that google doesn't like other contextual ads. I decided drop google, but I have heard so much good opinions about it that I put it back later when my site gets more visitors and I doesn't test other programs so much.
  14. broodfaun

    broodfaun New Member

    Actually, I thought google now allows other contextual ads as well. The only catch the is that the other contextual ad can't be same in appearance and they can't be very close to each other.

    YPN suppose to have the highest CPC, but adsense is better as a contextual ads thus more CTR.
  15. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    same here

    wich service is similar to google adsense and support paypal
  16. TSO

    TSO freezoka.ws NLC

    AdSense has usually always paid more for me (though I've only used AdBrite out of the others you list).
  17. ProxiHost

    ProxiHost New Member

    Im Currently Receiving 5000 unique visitor P/M And Im Getting Around £200 P/M Through Clicksor, Adsense, PayPopup And AdBrite.

    I Recomend Them All

    Vist www.pssp.uni.cc To See My Fortune Making Site
  18. dmaxwell

    dmaxwell New Member

    I don't think anything compares to Google. None of them even begin to pay as much, partly because they have a very hard time attracting worthwhile advertisers. Google attracts ads that people want to find out about.
  19. jenny

    jenny New Member

    Of the three BIGS ... google, bidvertiser and adbrite, I would prefer GOOGLE. Definitely it pays.
  20. johnguo

    johnguo New Member

    google is the best with my site

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