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managed wordpress hosting


Real great redirection service. I'll send you a mail to add my domain soon. We haven't really decided wich one we are gonna take.
guys good news, I just remade g4r.net its almost ready to go
it will be runing a new and improved program and you can use pathforwarding on the frame redirection i am not finished with the super claoked

will be transfered to the new system at 7:00PM
it works, its just the images are broken.. so it takes some time to load

you will see what i mean
anyway so you like the new program?

btw here is another example
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Nope, don't work for me. Uses Netscape, that might be the problem. But I get this:

/* ----------------------------------------------- POWER PHLOGGER - v.2.1.4 www.phpee.com comments: philippo@iezzi.ch
------------------------------------------------ */ //SETTINGS: //enter your username you received from www.bakaranweb.de id="Satelk" //you don't need to
edit anything below this line //------------------------------------------------- if(showme==null) var showme='n' // default showme value if(st==null) var
st='js' // default st (show-type) value s=0;c=0 f=""+escape(top.document.referrer) // 'top.' is used to track referers in frames sw=screen.width;sh=screen.height;s=sw+"x"+sh
v=navigator.appName if (v != "Netscape") c=screen.colorDepth else c=screen.pixelDepth r="?id="+id+"&referer="+f+"&r="+s+"&c="+c+"&showme="+showme+"&st="+st if (st=='js') {
// calling PowerPhlogger by JavaScript-tag document.open() document.write("") document.close() } else { // calling PowerPhlogger by IMG-tag rand=Math.round(1000*Math.random()) r =
r+"&b="+rand //force the page to load the IMG document.open() document.write("") document.close() }
Hmm... you should have asked permission to use my site(indigoteam) as an example, but I forgive you. :)
yeah, now i think i am done for this week

next project will be when i get my new server, so i can allow domians :)